9 week pregnant? Have MTP to terminate pregnancy

The woman may suffer from many issues but the most common woman may suffer which is unexpected as well is unwanted pregnancy. The unwanted pregnancy is common as it results from unprotected intercourse. An unprotected intercourse will not only make you suffer from unwanted pregnancy but you will also suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. To avoid such issues that are caused because of unprotected intercourse the couple should take certain precautions while having an intercourse. But in case if the couple forgets to take precautions the chances of the female partner getting pregnant is more.

No need to worry if you are unwontedly pregnant as you can terminate the pregnancy easily just by having some pills. Due to the increased unprotected intercourse nowadays the count of unwanted pregnancy among woman has increased tremendously.  The woman can buy abortion kit and have it to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. The unwonted pregnancy will affect the woman’s health badly and also make her sick mentally as well. Once the woman get pregnant she may suffer from various physical issues which may make her feel more annoying and irritating. But you have the way to get rid of such irritation by having MTP kit. MTP kit is one of the medications used to terminate the pregnancy of 9 week.  Different medications are there in market to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. You can have the medication depending on number of your week of pregnancy.

The weeks of pregnancy is calculated after the week of last menstrual cycle you had. The last menstrual cycle week is counted and from that week the counting begins. The woman can buy MTP kit online which will surely help her to terminate the pregnancy effectively. MTP kit mainly comprises of two medications mifepristone and misoprostol. These two medications are also used to terminate the different week pregnancy as well. Unfortunately the woman more than 9 week pregnant cannot have any medication from these three. As the MTP kit is only option to terminate the 9 week pregnancy beyond 9 week pregnancy the woman may need doctor’s intervention for terminating the pregnancy.

The MTP kit will only be used to terminate the 9 week pregnancy.  The mifepristone which is also known by the name mifeprex is used to terminate 7 week pregnancy. The other medication misoprostol namely called as cytotec is used to terminate the 8 week pregnancy. These two medications combination is used in MTP kit to terminate the 9 week pregnancy. Among these two mediations mifepristone is taken orally. The second medication misoprostol can be taken either orally or it can be placed in vagina. The two medications will combine and terminate the unwanted   pregnancy.  The woman having abortion kit may suffer from cramping, clotting and bleeding. If after having mtp kit the woman does not suffer from any side effect then she should immediately consult the doctor or physician. The woman who is ectopic pregnant should consider the doctor rather than directly taking any abortion pills.