Women preference-Get in home abortion than one in clinic

The deliberate termination of early pregnancy in women is known as abortion. During the first trimester of pregnancies, it is possible to terminate the pregnancy. There is two method of aborting a pregnancy in women which most common. But it is often seen that most women go for getting an in-home termination than one in the clinic. The common way prefers are for termination of pregnancy are:

(1)          Surgical termination

(2)          Medical pills

 (1) Surgical termination Method

Surgical termination is taken to abort an unwanted pregnancy in women. It is done by removing the fetus and before coming out of women womb (uterus).Surgical termination is basically done at a various clinic or health care such hospital. Therefore it is also as in-clinic termination. It is best done when women have a pregnancy period of 12 weeks or less.

(2)Medical pills

These pills are the medication used or taken by women to end a pregnancy. It is also called a medical abortion. There are many termination pills that help to terminate an early pregnancy in women. Such as MTP KIT, mifepristone (Mifeprex) and misoprostol (Cytotec) are some common medication. All these termination pills do the same work of aborting a pregnancy in women. Most women make use of these pills. As now women can easily order abortion pills online for them.

Why Medical pills over surgical termination?

Most women prefer to have early termination of pregnancy by making use of medical pills. About 60 % of women would like to go for medical pill other than surgical abortion method. There are some reasons that show the interest of women toward medical pills to abort the pregnancy.

Reasons for medical pills:

•             Most important reason for medical pills is that it can be easily done at home.

•             These termination pills are easily available all around the world now.

•             Women feel comfortable to abort a pregnancy at home in the company of close one.

•             There is no others instrument used in this method as used in a surgical method such vacuums aspiration, uterine curette and syringe with a spinal needle.

•             There is no chance of any infection in body part by making use of medical pills.

•             These medicines pills are not harmful to human body. After proper consulting with the doctor, one can safely make use of these pills.

•             One can make use of these pills for termination of abortion in future also.

•             This method of pregnancy does not affect the fertility of women to become pregnant in future.

Reasons not for surgical termination:

•             It is done in various health care only such clinic and hospital. Therefore, the chance of maintaining abortion privacy is less.

•             Women body can get an infection after surgical abortion is done due to use of the instrument in aborting the process.

•             In surgical termination of pregnancy, women need to wait for in labor ward of hospital or clinic.

•             There may be a risk of complication in surgical method of pregnancy termination.

•             Also, there is a chance that the termination of pregnancy may get fail. Hence, they have to try for a second chance.

•             Women may also some side effect from the use of medication and aesthetic during aborting the pregnancy.