What are the reasons for a late period other than pregnancy?

It is natural when we have a regular period. When missed period we normally assume that a woman is pregnant. But there are some women who suffer from the problem of the irregular menstrual cycle. Late or missed period occur in many women other than pregnancy. There are many reasons for the irregular period, mainly are hormones imbalances or any other medical conditions.

There are most common reasons for a late period other than pregnancy:


Stress can be one of the reasons for the late period problem in women. Stress can affect our body hormones which can result in hormones imbalances. It has a great impact on our brain hormones which helps to regulate our period cycle. Hypothalamus is a part of our brain that helps in the production of many essential hormones, chemical substances that help to control different cells and organ of our body. Hence, these hormones play important role in our physical behavior such as any mood, hungry, sleep etc. Stress can also develop sudden weight gain or loss and illness. Therefore, it can affect directly or indirectly our period cycle. To overcome stress, one can follow activities like exercises, healthy diet, yoga etc

(2) Overweight (obesity):

Obesity can also result in a late period problem. Many girl or women face late period issues due to overweight of their body. In such situation, women must visit their doctor soon. Hence, the doctor will recommend you, to follow some diet and suggest exercises plan in order to lose weight. 

(3) The low weight of body:

As we seen overweight is a problem for late or irregular periods. Similarly, low body weight is also a great problem for a late period. Below 10 percent of the normal range of your body height can change all your body hormones. It affects your body function and process of ovulation. This issue also arises within women who participate in the marathon. Therefore, visit your doctor to get consult about proper diet. Follow healthy diet in order put on weight and avoid disorder eating.

(4)Thyroid problem:

Thyroids gland also can cause an irregular period problem. A thyroid gland is located near the neck and helps to regulate hormones. Thyroid gland helps to regulate metabolism. It can be treated with proper medication after your doctor recommends.  As soon as thyroid is treated, your period will become normal. Still, you suffer from other symptoms of thyroids visit your doctor for another diagnosis.

(5) Diseases called Chronic:

There are some diseases that also cause for the late period problem. Chronic diseases such as diabetes and celiac can affect your menstrual cycle. Sugar level change can affect your body hormones. Celiac is a disease caused by an abnormal immune reaction to gluten. Celiac diseases are a digestive disorder that can lead to damage to the small intestine. Hence, it can cause in missed or late period.

(6)Birth control pills:

Birth control may also have an impact on your menstrual cycle. Change in your cycle will develop due to use of birth control. Further, you may experience irregular period due to use of birth control pills. Birth control pills contain substances that help to prevent fertilization of ovaries. Hence, it will cause in the missed period. It may take some time to your period to become normal. Also, there are other contraceptives pills that may also result in a delay of periods.