Post-abortion syndrome and the ways to tackle it

This is a question of the hour where women who have to cope with these kinds of problem find it difficult to adjust at the social level because of lack of support from the family members or friends. In such cases, the women undergo the worst feeling of anxiety, depression.

This symptom is not very common but a few women face the problem of this syndrome. This normally happens when a woman aborts a baby willingly or unwillingly and the effects of postpartum syndrome become severe in case of religious women who always feel that they are undergoing setbacks in their life because of the sin committed because of the abortion. Women who have undergone abortion normally face stressed or pain of loss and moreover feeling of guilt resides in the body. Those who administer abortion pills on their own without taking any consent of their partner or their family persons regret their decision later.

Any kind of problem that they suffer after abortion is thought to be caused because they have undergone an abortion. These problems not only make their lives miserable but also take away their confidence and their wish to live. It makes their mindset unstable and in some cases, women are seen to attempt suicide because of the extreme guilt feeling in their minds.

A woman suffers from insomnia, dizziness, and withdrawal symptoms in some cases hatred attitude develops towards the family members and husband if the abortion has been done unwillingly. This also leads to an anniversary symptom where the women recollect the date of abortion every year and relate to it thus aggravating the post-abortion syndrome.

False fears of future infertility also become a matter of worry for these women who cannot conceive in future blame their abortion as their cause. Sometimes women in order to subside their feelings take more of alcohol but this, in turn, triggers their syndrome and makes them more insecure towards their life.

Then we have the pro-life protestors who update constant reasons for not taking up abortion and also hate all those who have undergone abortion for any genuine reason. These problems affect the women more as she feels to be outcast from the society.

This is a lot necessary to get a counseling done post-abortion to eradicate the problem of post-abortion syndrome or commonly known as PASS syndrome. Women need to come forward and talk about their ambiguity towards infertility or any doubts arising because of abortion. They should clear all their doubts and also talk to their near and dear ones in order to get a transparent picture before undergoing an abortion. The safety of the abortion pill is also a concern where women feel undergoing an abortion with the help of abortion pill can lead to unwanted side-effects but abortion pills are safer than surgical abortion as medical abortion resembles miscarriage and is considered to be more natural.

Women before abortion should be given a complete guide to the use of abortion pills and they should also be aware of the pros and the cons regarding abortion so that later they can handle their PASS disorder.