Teenage abortion and pregnancy

Getting an abortion done is considered to be a Hercules task especially when you have to seek permission from your family members but the most debated issue is when a teenager needs an abortion. We all are aware of the issues that lead to an abortion sometimes health concerns, financial concerns and also concerns regarding the nurturing of the baby. All these factors can only be a concern for mature women who are psychologically and physically more mature. They can take decisions more rationally than that of a teenager. A teenager being mentally as well as physically weak do not understand the problems they have to encounter while conceiving. In few cases the decision of conceiving is conceptual and in few cases, it is forcefully done.  

It is seen that teenage girls suffer from a lot of health hazards due to early pregnancy the biggest problem encountered is that these girls are illiterate and there rational thinking has yet not developed as compared to a grown up. These girls are not aware of the pros and cons related to after childbirth. The tissue of teenagers being tender, pregnancy creates a lot of problem to their health. Even abortion at this age leads to a lot of trouble physically.

It is reported that most of the teenage pregnancy is found in developing countries where the literacy level of women is very low. Teenage girls cannot handle the postpartum depression at such a tender age. Pregnancy also refrains a girl from continuing her studies and forces her to drudgery. This also further leads to increased amount of consciousness for health-related issues in future.

Normally it is seen that early pregnancy leads to health issues like low bone density, early menopause and at times it also leads to cancer in the ovary and in the breast. Doctors suggest that pregnancy during the growth period of a girl does not necessarily heal fast and doesn’t add the lost nutrients and the bones and the tissues lack nutrients throughout the life.     

The children born are also undernourished and of ill health because the embryo is not able to derive the necessary nutrients from the mother’s body and that the mother’s body is weak and tender does not support proper development of the fetus. This problem continues after birth as the tender age of the mother who is not aware of different health issues cannot safeguard their babies from health hazards.

It is reported that most of the maternal deaths and fetal deaths take place within this age group of thirteen to nineteen. At times the abortion that takes place is surgical that further reports cases of uterine rupture. Many of the teenagers are not aware of the available birth control pills and the abortion pills available in the market or can't buy abortion pills online, in few cases the abortion pills are not given to girls aged below 18 years of age in such cases it is seen that the girl because of lack of adequate knowledge resort to killing the fetus by pressing the stomach hard against some objects or beating the stomach with some objects. This task can also be fatal at times.