How to tackle side-effects of abortion

Every woman faces different side-effects depending upon their nature of the body. Though physical side-effects vary but emotional side-effects are something that every woman faces in the same manner. Few can overcome it and in few cases, women have to suffer from a lot of emotional turmoil. There are a few ways to tackle it and I will try to explain how to tackle the entire side-effects undergone because of abortion

We all are aware of the two types of abortion the medical abortion and the surgical abortion. The medical abortion is done with the help of abortion pills and the surgical abortion is done with the help of various instruments.

Side-effects of surgical abortion

Surgical abortion use anesthesia and different instruments for extraction of the fetus. The normal side-effects faced by women also vary according to the physical body.

  • The fact that anesthesia is used for abortion many women have issues about allergy faced with anesthesia.
  • The normal side-effects faced are heavy vaginal bleeding and too much stomach cramps
  • Women also face vomiting and feel nauseous.

In few cases, the surgical abortion becomes fatal and can also lead to different complications.

Few of the women face heavy vaginal bleeding this can be caused because of the problem that has lead to uterine rupture or because the sharpened instruments have done some damage to the uterus. This can become so critical that the women can suffer from pelvic inflammation and have to undergo surgery.

Side-effects of medical abortion

Medical abortion is a more natural form of abortion and can be cured if the proper care is taken.

  • You will face bleeding and stomach cramps
  • You may feel nauseous and wish to vomit
  • You can also have problems with diarrhea

All these are the side –effects of medical abortion which in rare cases become severe. Sometimes it can be well managed with the help of anti-inflammation, anti-emetic and blood coagulant and can reduce the risk of any contraindications.

You can also keep a hot water bag with you so that you can manage the pain and can relief from the pain.

You will have sore breasts and have lots of fatigue. Try to wear a tight bra all the time so that the soreness of the breasts decreases. At times you can face leaking nipples in such cases padded bras are recommended so that the fluid can be easily soaked.

Avoid usage of tampons during abortions as this can lead to inflammation in the vagina. Make sure you have removed the IUD device before getting the abortion done as this can cause serious problems in the uterus if it is present.

Avoid ingesting magnesium in any form as this can also lead to an excess of diarrhea and you can suffer from dehydration. You should avoid grapefruit during an abortion as this will lead to an excess of vaginal bleeding. Do not have intercourse for 2 weeks after abortion to avoid any unwanted health issues. Just restrict your movements and take ample rest so that your uterus gets time to heal faster.