Natural remedies to induce irregular periods

Menstruation occurs in girls and women. Periods are really painful and it is mostly accompanied by cramps and back pain. Every month the lining of the womb becomes to shed with blood. The gap between two menstrual cycles is 28days. Many of the girls face the problem of irregular problem. There are many of the reasons behind it. The major reason behind this problem can be pregnancy and if not pregnancy then there are also other reasons which lead to irregular periods

Following are some of the remedies which can help you to induce the periods or menstruation:

Unripe papaya:

Green and unripe papaya can be used to induce the menstrual flow. This fruit helps to contract the muscle in the You can consume unripe papaya juice on daily basis to induce make s that you do not consume it on regular basis.


Turmeric is one of the best which help to induce the menstruation. This herb provides warmth to your body due to which it induces periods. This herb helps to regulate the periods and balances the hormones.This herb some of the properties of antispasmodic and helps to reduce the menstrual pain.You can teaspoon of turmeric with honey or jaggery. You need to use this remedy till you notice the improvement.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is the natural remedy which helps to treat the menstrual irregularities. To get the effective results you need to extract the fresh aloe vera gel from the leaf of aloe vera and mix of do consume it on empty stomach. To get the better results practice it on daily basis and do not use this remedy when you have periods.

Yoga and meditation:

Menstruation mostly delays due to stress. This creates a imbalance in women which delays the menstruation cycles. yoga and can help you the stress. Both yoga and meditation are the best way which can help you induce menstrual cycles without using medications.


Ginger is one of the which can help you to regulate the menstrual cycle. You need to boil 1 tablespoon of ginger for 5 minutes and then sugar to it an drink it thrice a day after your meals. It is the best and effective way which can help you induce the menstrual cycles .


Cumin many of the health benefits. You need to soak 2 spoons of cumin to water overnight water and cumin seeds in the morning. To get your periods on basis you follow this remedy on regular basis.


Cinnamon is a spice and it gives your body warmth. You need to add a teaspoon cinnamon to glass of drink it. this remedy helps to induce menstruation as well as menstrual cramp.

Drink topical juices:

You can use topical juices which can increase the temperature of your body and help to the periods. Topical that include orange and papaya juice help you to induce the periods this is because this juices and fruits are rich in vitamin C.