Smoking and Alcohol Consumption is Injurious to an Abortion

There are some medical problems which do not let your pregnancy termination process happen which is why you must pass them first. For pregnant women, it creates problems in termination if they are suffering from liver, heart or kidney related problems. Women who consume alcohol and smoke cigarette tend to face cardiovascular disorders also problems related to liver and kidney. Smoking and as well drinking creates many problems in facing safe medical abortion.

For medical abortion, we usually require two medications which include Mifepristone (primary abortion pill) and Misoprostol (secondary abortion pill) to end an unwanted pregnancy. Women are advised to avoid consumption of alcohol because with ingestion of an abortion pill plus alcohol the reaction is negative and affects the system. The central nervous system gets badly affected due to the nicotine present in a cigarette. Whether a woman wants to abort the child or wants to keep her pregnancy, consumption of both alcohol and cigarette can cause problems like dizziness, disorientation, liver disorders, etc.

Carrying out a medical abortion is not an easy process so if you are planning to opt for the same make sure you carry out the process one by one without creating any problem for yourself. Also, women who are planning for termination of their pregnancy and want to buy abortion pills online, it is mandatory for them to stop consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarette. During the abortion, our body undergoes certain changes which get affected if you moderately or severely consume alcohol.

As you must be aware that consumption of both these abortion pills leads to a severe flow of blood but consumption of alcohol leads to thinning of blood which means you will face double the blood flow which is dangerous.

For some women, it becomes very difficult to stop consumption as they somehow get addicted to these bad habits. They are so addicted to them that not smoking or drinking even for a day brings changes in their health and even cause them problems but that will later be beneficial to you. In such cases, a woman must be directed to visit rehabilitation center. If they do not wish to visit a rehab then they themselves can fight the problem.

One can get indulged in several activities and divert their mind to some other work. It is essential to handle these cravings and opt for other work patterns. For women addicted to alcohol, they can consume different healthy drinks but consumption of grapefruit or juice is strictly prohibited as it does not react positively with the ingredients of those abortion pills. also for the ones who crave smoking cigarette can have lemon candy any time.

Doctors strictly prohibit the use of alcohol and cigarettes however if someone is desperately into these bad habits they can just stop it for about 6 to 10 weeks until the whole abortion procedure comes to an end. Even though the consumption of abortion pills is done and abortion has been taken place, the process still takes time so consume only after 10 weeks. If you are planning to buy abortion pills online and carry out termination for the second time, you must follow the same rules.