Few ways to get a smooth abortion

When you are considering about getting an abortion then the most trusted, natural and secure way is to get the abortion done with the help of abortion pills so that the termination is done in the best way possible. But before you try to terminate the pregnancy with the help of the abortion pills you need to be cautious about a few things. Initially, if you are planning to get an abortion then it is better to get an ultrasound done in the first instance so that you can detect the type of pregnancy.

There are abortion pills that can help you terminate a pregnancy which is available in different forms of pills like Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The Mifepristone ingredient is present in few pills like Mifegest, RU486 and Misoprostol ingredient is present in Cytotec.

If your pregnancy type is ectopic then abortion pills will not work for this case. You need to have a uterine pregnancy in order to terminate pregnancy with the pregnancy termination pill. When you buy abortion pills online you need to initially make it a point that you make all the necessary arrangements as this will be helpful for you during the abortion.


You need to prepare the most comfortable place for yourself in your house where you can rest for prolonged hours without getting bored.

Keep a water bottle handy with you all the time during the abortion days so that you remain hydrated all day long.

Always keep a hot pack with you as you will need during the abortion when you are suffering from the stomach cramps.

You can also keep ibuprofen when you find that you are suffering from too much pain. But using too much painkiller is a problem as this can make your abortion slower.

Remove the IUD device if you are wearing any as this will increase your problems by increasing your pelvic pain.

Inform your doctor about any kind of medication that you are taking so that the medications do not react with the abortion pills and increase the risks of your health hazards.


Do not take magnesium or grapefruit during the abortion. Magnesium will increase your problem of diarrhea while grapefruit will increase the problem of excessive bleeding.

Do not take up any activities that require bending or lifting any weight as this will be a problem for you during the abortion as this has high chances of rupturing your uterus.

The abortion pills that are required for abortion is Mifepristone and Misoprostol but you should not take these pills if you are having an allergy to any of the abortion pills.

Do not involve into any sexual activities before 4 weeks of abortion. Normally the ovulation period does not start before 4 weeks.

You should get your pregnancy checked only after 4 weeks if you are undergoing a urine test, in case of ultrasound it is safe to get it done only after 2 weeks. If the urine test is conducted before 4 weeks the test of pregnancy may still remain positive because of the presence of hCG in the urine.