Best Guide to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

Losing weight after pregnancy becomes an extremely challenging task for women because they do not get time to look after themselves due to the newborn. Having a baby changes a woman’s life completely. It is actually a fact that 90% women tend to gain weight after pregnancy at it takes a forever to lose weight. Women are usually tensed about the fact that whether they would ever have a body like they had before pregnancy. There are certain tips which make you lose weight after pregnancy-

Give your body some time

Give your body some time to recover from your pregnancy because a woman must not opt for losing weight right after their pregnancy ends. Give yourself time for at least 6 to 7 weeks for your body to recover completely. Also, you must not look for dieting options because you need to breastfeed your baby. All the desired nutrients are delivered through breastfeeding to the baby who might not happen if you do not focus on your consumption diet.

Consume healthy food items and exercise only when it is suggested by your healthcare advisor. Women after pregnancy require a minimum of 500 calories every day which can be gained through consumption of low-fat products, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, proteins, etc.

Healthy Eating Habits

Consumption of some food items helps in reducing weight. Kindly follow the below guide-

  • Skipping meals can be a bad option and also by skipping meals women tends to gain more weight. It is always advised to never skip your breakfast.
  • Rather than having 3 large meals make sure to have healthy food items 5 to 6 times from morning till night.
  • If you do not want to feel tired since morning makes it a habit to consume your morning diet. Eating healthy in the morning keeps your body energetic and gives a good start to your day.
  • Choose food items which do not include fats.
  • Drinking water while the baby is on breastfeeding is good to keep water near you wherever you preferably feed the baby.
  • Consume 12 glasses of water every day.
  • Try including these items in your daily eating routine such as apple slices with peanut butter on it, carrot with bean dips or combine bean dips with bell pepper, boiled egg, wheat toast, etc.
  • Avoid consumption of fried food items and opt for broiled or baked food items.
  • Avoid consumption of drinks like soda’s or fluids that include added sugar or calories in it.
  • You should stay away from food items that include sugar and are sweet.


Losing weight while breastfeeding can be dangerous as it produces less milk. Doctors always advise waiting for at least 2 months after pregnancy for specifically this reason. When you are breastfeeding the body tends to burn calories. It is surprising to know that women actually lose weight while breastfeeding.


Exercising reduces fats and not muscles so it is always advised to combine a healthy food diet along with exercise. You need to increase your exercising habits and reduce eating habits a bit. Do not overdo exercising and push yourself to a hard routine. You need to be patient and calm enough for reducing weight.