Hygiene Plays an Important Role in Medical Abortion

The fact that more and more women these days are opting for a medical abortion to terminate their pregnancy and tend to buy abortion pill online, it is also necessary for them to be well aware of the regime to be followed during and after pregnancy. Maintaining a proper hygiene is essential for women to be in proper health also it leads to a fast recovery.

Why is maintaining a hygiene during a medical abortion so essential?

Bacteria named as vaginal flora is typically present in the vagina which comes under the species of lactobacilli. For producing constituents such as lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide which keeps the vagina clean, vaginal flora is essential. The genital area is naturally blessed with certain components that help in keeping proper hygiene but still we require taking some actions from our end as well so that you face proper and safe abortions throughout the process. Maintaining hygiene is important because, during an abortion, the genital area tends to come in contact with certain infections or bacteria.

In process of maintaining the sanitation makes sure not to interrupt vagina’s natural acidic PH. You must know how to balance both sanitation as well as PH level. Here are certain pointers to indicate that how can you maintain a proper hygiene-

Sanitary pads to be changed after few hours

You must change the pads depending upon the blood flow. After ingestion of both the abortion pills, women face severe bleeding which also includes blood clots of lemon size. You need to check and change your sanitary pads minimum 4 times so that the flow is proper. You need not worry as after 2-3days the flow decreases and blood flow is comparatively lesser.

Say no to tampons

Although women prefer using tampons, the fact that tampons soak lesser than pads and it is essential for the pregnancy parts to expel completely out. Also, doctors do not recommend insertion of any device so even tampons should not be inserted into the vagina as it increases the chances of infections.

Use a towel to dry your vagina

It is important to wipe your vagina carefully after cleaning that portion so it is essential to use a clean towel, clean cotton cloth or tissue. You are required to clean from vagina to anus and only in one stroke carefully and with soft hands. You cannot do the action vice verse also while repeating the process again from the vagina to anus makes sure to use different tissues or new cotton cloth.

Body shower is essential

While taking shower it is important for a person to clean the genital areas carefully. As anus consists of certain bacteria’s you must notice the washing pattern wherein you must move your hand from vagina to anus to avoid infections. if you do it vice versa that is from anus to vagina you might as well be exposed to certain bacterial infections. You can wash off vagina from water as it does not require any different fluid to be washed from. You must avoid cleaning the genital portion with hot water.

It is essential to take right medication such as what doctor’s advice is to buy MTP Kit for medical abortions. Right abortion pill and maintain a proper hygiene both are equally important for safe abortion.