Is banning abortion is a solution?

Whether abortion should be banned or not? The answer to this question will always be “NO, it should not be banned.”

Many countries across the world have banned abortion as a women healthcare solution. But, is banning abortion is the only solution for women's health? All countries with such abortion plan policy must understand that banning abortion is not a solution and it will only increase the problem. They should understand banning abortion in unwanted pregnancy or any during any complications will only endanger a woman’s life. Continuation of pregnancy can be life-threatening sometimes. Opting for abortion can be a good decision rather than continuing a pregnancy. Continuation of pregnancy will endanger not only mothers but also a child’s life. It might cause death or permanent disabilities in both.

What do the reports say?

Analysts say that due to the abortion-banning rate of unsafe abortion has been increased. According to WHO’s (World Health Organization’s), about 20 million unsafe abortions are performed every year. About 47,000 women and girls die every year and more than 4 million face disabilities due to unsafe abortions.

Reasons for deaths can be:

  • Banned abortion
  • Unavailability of abortion centers
  • Unavailability of equipment
  • Not fitting in abortion criteria

Why women opt for an abortion?

  1. Unwanted pregnancy
  2. Unplanned pregnancy
  3. Unhealthy conditions
  4. Rape
  5. Failure of contraceptives

Opting for abortion will always be a painful decision for both parents. Aborting a child is always a difficult decision to make. It might cause a lot of emotional stress and can have an adverse effect on one's health.

How legalizing abortion will help?

  • If abortion is legalized availability of abortion centers and clinics will increase and it will reduce illegal abortion. 
  • Since unwanted pregnancy and abortion are related topics in a woman’s life medical abortion will be a suitable option for them to resolve this problem.
  • Legalizing abortion will increase the availability of abortion pills for those who don’t wish to go under the knife.
  • Women will be able to online buy Abortion Pill as well as from medical store and can get proper guidance for its use.
  • Legalization of termination and education, women about pregnancy termination, its procedure, precautions will always be helpful. A medical expert or health care provider can also give you free guidance.
  • A proper guidance can be given about whether to opt for surgery or to use abortion pill.
  • It will increase transparency in surgery and education, women for use of birth control can also be helpful.
  • Legalizing abortion will give relief to a lot of women who have faced fatal problems due to abortion banning.
  • There are some websites which will give you proper guidance about pregnancy termination and will help you to buy Abortion Pills online.

Legalizing abortion will definitely reduce illegal or unsafe abortion and women will be able to opt for a proper abortion method. Opting for safe medical abortion is the only appropriate way for pregnancy termination. Opting for permissible abortion methods will reduce deaths caused due to unsafe abortions