Post abortion expectation and things to be done

As and when your experience abortion, you are being advised to carry out certain precautions that benefit you in maintaining your health post-abortion. After you buy Abortion Pill online and consume it, it is essential to take care of your body as aftercare is mandatory. Doctors usually prescribe you all the instructions which must be followed properly. Make sure that you follow the mentioned instructions to lead a stress-free life and be away from the after-effects of abortion. There are certain things to be avoided post-abortion to avoid the risk of abortion such as-

  1. Taking a bath
  2. Using tampons (make sure to always use big sanitary pads)
  3. Swimming
  4. Sexual intercourse
  5. Douching

You can always be in touch with your healthcare advisor. There are certain conditions under which you will have to consult the doctor and seek immediate assistance such as-

  • Fever exceeding 100.4 degrees and more
  • Bad odor from your vaginal discharge
  • Severe cramps
  • Excessive bleeding which is much more than a normal menstrual cycle (speak to the doctor if more than 2-3 pads are drenched within an hour)
  • Pregnancy symptoms

Post pregnancy termination a woman has to confirm her termination after about 14 days to ensure that abortion has been successfully carried out. It is always advisable to undergo an ultrasound, which confirms abortion. Even if you feel that your completely fine and your health is okay, you must visit the doctor and at least undergo a normal clinical test. Some females prefer visiting the lady doctor or visit their family doctor for the same.

Must Take Care of Yourself:

You must take care of your health post-abortion because it takes a certain time to recover from the same. Consult the doctor and maintain a healthy diet to ensure that you consume sufficient proteins and vitamins and recover soon. You can either refer this information or you can also consult a trusted doctor for the same.

Speak to a trusted person:

There are some women who are able to undergo an abortion and after the process is completed, they are able to stick to their normal routine. Whereas other part women are emotional and even after an abortion, they feel depressed and sad about it. They always need someone to share their feelings and experience with. To overcome the sadness, it is always good to talk to a trusted and caring person who actually assists you in overcoming the sadness. You can always talk to your partner, family members, trusted friend, counselor or someone whom you can blindly trust and is supportive enough.

Note down your thoughts

It is always good to pen down your thoughts when you feel that you are your own companion. Some people are really not comfortable sharing their thoughts with anyone, hence they choose to write them on a paper and express their feelings. Several problems related to abortion or anything could be written down. A recent study has shown that noting down your thoughts can actually relieve pressure and stress from your mind.