How many times a woman can abort a pregnancy?

There are lots of misconceptions about medical abortion like, how many times one can abort? How abortion will affect one’s body? Is there any solution pregnancy termination? In this blog, we will be discussing all these things.

One can have multiple abortions in life, but there are some restrictions for the same. One should not have two consecutive abortions in a year. Abortion will cause a sudden hormonal change in the body. Such constant change of hormone will cause a lot of pressure on the uterus and will make it vulnerable. A woman must understand the entire process of pregnancy termination to know whether she can have multiple abortions or not.

A medical abortion is a process of terminating an unwanted pregnancy, which is not exceeding gestation, a period of 8-10 weeks. It can be done either surgical way or with help of abortion pills. You can buy Abortion Pills online to terminate early pregnancy. Mifepristone and Misoprostol pill are used in combination to carry out this procedure. 

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone medicine used to stop the growth of the pregnancy. One tablet of Mifepristone 200 mg should be taken on the first day of treatment. It will end the growth of the fetus by removing life support from it.

The second medicine is Misoprostol, it is a prostaglandin medicine. This will cause cramping and bleeding to remove pregnancy parts out of the uterus. You can take this medicine 1 or 2 days after taking Mifepristone. You can take this medicine orally as well as vaginally. Both these ways are effective to terminate the pregnancy.

To avoid multiple abortions, one must follow all pregnancy precautions.

A woman must be understood all pros and cons of abortion and be prepared for all the after effects of these medicines. Using abortion pill is an easy way to terminate a pregnancy at home. However, the abortion process will make your vagina and the entire pelvic region more sensitive. Having multiple abortions will cause an adverse impact on a woman’s health.

Having multiple surgical abortions can cause infection in the uterus and vaginal region. There are many other harmful effects are followed by infection. Hence it is advised to not to have more than two surgical abortions.

Though one can have multiple abortions, one must take a lesson from the first one. Having unprotected sex should be avoided. Start using birth control pills as the prevention of unwanted pregnancy.

If you haven’t used any contraception while having sexual intercourse, you can opt for online abortion pill for safer pregnancy termination. It is more secure and will give more privacy about unwanted pregnancy or about pregnancy termination. This is one of the ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy, but a woman must understand all the consequences of this and use contraceptive, birth control pills or condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

From recent studies, it has shown that a lot of women opt for the contraceptive pill to avoid pregnancy termination. It is always a better option to use a contraceptive rather than abortion pill.