Is Mifeprex a safe option for abortion?

The abortion pill is a better option than surgery to terminate the pregnancy. Although it will cause after effects like bleeding and cramping that are expected. If you have a doubt that, whether the Mifeprex abortion pill is right for you or not? Then the answer is yes, it is completely right and safe for use.

What is Mifeprex and how it is used?

Mifeprex anti-progesterone pill used in combination with Misoprostol to terminate early pregnancy. These medicines can be used to within 10 weeks of pregnancy or since last periods. This medicine is not approved for pregnancy exceeding further long.
This medicine will block progesterone hormone which is important for the continuation of pregnancy. Mifeprex pill should be taken on the first day of treatment. This will cause the death of the fetus by disconnecting life support from the fetus. Another medicine should be taken 24-48 hours after first medicine. It will start contractions and bleeding and will expel pregnancy parts out of the uterus. Bleeding will start 4-5 hours after taking the second medicine. These medicines will surely result in a successful abortion. In very rare cases, one needs a surgical procedure, even after taking this abortion pill.

Who should avoid the use of these medicines?

This abortion pill is not suitable for all women. Women with following medical condition should avoid the use of Mifeprex pill.

  • If your pregnancy is exceeding 10 weeks
  • If you are using the Intrauterine device
  • If you are using blood thinners or anticoagulants
  • If you have a bleeding problem
  • In case of an ectopic pregnancy

These medicines should not be used just because you suspect pregnancy. Confirm your pregnancy by performing sonography or pregnancy test. This medicine should not be used if you suspect or confirm an ectopic pregnancy i.e. pregnancy outside the uterus. This may cause life-threatening problems in women. If you are using any IUD’s they should be removed before taking this medicine.

If you experience the following symptoms, contact your health care provider.

Heavy Bleeding:

Use of this medicine will cause normal bleeding, which is an expected after effect of this medicine. Bleeding will be normal and will require 3-4 sanitary napkins of full size. In very rare cases, bleeding can be heavier than normal and will require medical attention.

Abdominal pain:

This medicine may cause abdominal pain or discomfort, or feeling sick, including nausea, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. This all is temporary effects and won’t last for long. But if they continue for a couple of days contact your health care provider as this can be a symptom of serious infection.

Side effects of these abortion pills:

Use of Mifeprex and Misoprostol pill will cause some side effects which are mentioned below.

Cramping and bleeding are expected after-effects of this treatment and mean that your medicine is working properly in your body. You can be still pregnant even after experiencing cramps and bleeding. Visit your doctor 1-2 weeks after taking this medicine to confirm pregnancy termination. Some other common side effects include nausea, headache, vomiting, and cold, which can be managed with other medicines.