How to Prepare Yourself for Medical Abortion?

Lots of women undergo the medical abortion process each year. Reason can differ from a woman to woman, but it is a very important and tough decision to make. While making such a decision one must think wisely, practically and not emotionally. If you are using abortion pill for a medical termination, doses will be about 2 days, but the procedure will last for a week. While using this medicine one must follow some precautions to prepare themselves to have best and quick results.

Educate yourself about abortion process:

Educating yourself for medical termination is very important. Women often buy Abortion Pill without studying its working mechanism. Do not use this medicine without understanding it working properly. Though it’s an easy procedure, it must be followed as prescribed. This procedure will require doses of two medicines Mifepristone and Misoprostol pill.

Take a break:

With the help of abortion pills, abortion can be done at home with easy steps. It won’t require several visits to the hospital. This process will last for almost a week. One will experience abdominal pain, cramps, and bleeding during this process. A woman may feel drained and dizziness. Make sure that you do not involve yourself in strenuous physical activity. Taking a leave from work to get rest is always a better option.

Keep sanitary napkins:

The process of medical termination will cause normal vaginal bleeding. But in some cases, bleeding can be heavier. Keep a pack of sanitary napkins with yourself during this procedure. A woman may require 4-5 napkins during initial days of the pregnancy termination process. The intensity of flow will depend upon the gestation period of pregnancy. Do not use tampons in any case. Using tampons is not a hygienic option and tampons cannot soak that much blood. Your vagina and the entire pelvic region are more sensitive during this process. Use of tampons will make it more painful.

Keep yourself hydrated:

Pregnancy symptoms bring fatigue during pregnancy period. Abortion can make this even more exhausting and will cause drowsiness. Energy gets lowered due to dehydration. Therefore, women are suggested to keep themselves hydrated by drinking plenty of water, coconut water, smoothies etc.

Side effects management of medicines:

Medical termination process may lead to various side effects like nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, cramps etc. These side effects are temporary and will end as soon as the process of abortion ends. But in extreme cases seek medical attention and get proper medicines for side effects management. Or else you can opt for online abortion pill which comes with medicine to reduce the impact of these side effects.

Companion’s moral support:

Medical abortion is not a happy option. One may get very emotional during this process as these medicines will cause a sudden hormonal change in the body. Having someone with you will help you to get all moral support required. Having someone with you is always a better option in case of emergency.

Hope you have understood all the instructions carefully. Do consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before you use Abortion Pills for medical termination of pregnancy.