Chances of getting infected or pregnant after abortion

Abortion can be done either with medicines or by surgical methods. Abortion is never a happy option; it can be physically and mentally exhausting. It is necessary that you should get some rest after having an abortion. After pregnancy termination removal in the process of embryonic tissues will last for at least a week and will require 2-3 weeks for full recovery. After pregnancy termination, the tissues in the cervix and uterus are more susceptible to infection.

Chances of Infection after pregnancy termination:

You can buy Abortion Pill online consulting with your doctors. Women usually opt for Mifepristone and Misoprostol pill for abortion. These are the safest and most effective medicines used in combination to terminate the pregnancy. These medicines will affect by ripening and softening of the cervix. This is done so that pregnancy parts can pass through the uterus smoothly.

Your vagina and the vaginal region become very sensitive during pregnancy termination process. Having a sexual intercourse or inserting anything into your vagina can cause infection. Using tampons during pregnancy termination process can lead to serious bacterial infection. Such activities will increase the healing duration after pregnancy termination and will expose uterus and cervix to the microorganism and other bacterial infection.

By considering all these reasons, women are advised to take shower than bath while they are healing. It is advised to not to penetrate which includes toys, tampons, and sexual intercourse during this period.

Medical checkup after pregnancy termination:

If a woman is used Mifeprex and Misoprostol for pregnancy termination she is advised to visit clinic 1-2 weeks later for after check-up. Doctors will use sterile gloves and speculum at this appointment if the pelvic examination is required to check the healing process.

After the checkup, if doctors say everything is normal, you can resume sexual intercourse and other penetrating activities. A woman can expect her menstrual cycle 6 weeks after the abortion. A woman may experience abdominal pain, nausea, fever, heavy bleeding, cold; this can be a symptom of infection. If you experience any of this symptom or don’t get your periods in 6 weeks contact your healthcare provider for a checkup.

Chances of Pregnancy after abortion:

Use of these Abortion Pills will help you to abort the pregnancy and will not affect your fertility. A woman can easily get pregnant if she had unprotected intercourse even after taking these Abortion Pills.

Usually, it is safe to have intercourse 3 weeks after pregnancy termination or if your healthcare provider allows you to resume intercourse after a checkup. A woman should use birth control to avoid any such unwanted pregnancy.

A woman is permitted to have physical intimacy if she wants to until she uses this medicine. She can get intimate with her partner but should not involve penetration in which vaginal fluids, semen or blood is shared. The physical intimacy which does not involve the exchange of fluids is allowed during the healing period.

Do consult with your healthcare provider before you buy Abortion Pill to get a suitable medicine according to your health.