Choice of contraceptive after pregnancy termination

Choosing a contraceptive after abortion can put dilemma in a woman. The body reacts differently in this situation. Because of stress and sudden hormonal change, it may take longer than expected to react. Abortion can be done in two ways, either surgically or medically. If you are opting for medical abortion, you can buy Abortion Pills online. Mifepristone and Misoprostol pill are used in combination in pregnancy termination process. One must understand the entire process of medical abortion; its side effects and what precautions should be followed. To avoid the risk of getting pregnant or abortion, using the contraceptive pill is the best solution available.

Here we will be discussing contraception’s that can be used after clinical or medical termination of pregnancy and how long to wait after pregnancy termination before using contraceptive pills.

Birth control pills, vaginal rings:

You can use this contraceptive immediately after clinical abortion or after 5days of abortion. It is advised to wait for 5 days at least to monitor recovery and bleeding before using these contraceptives.

In the case of medical abortion, you can take this medicine after taking Misoprostol or you can wait for 5 days similarly as clinical abortion. Vaginal ring should be not be used until bleeding stops.

Intrauterine device:

After clinical abortion is done IUD’s can be used on the same day or after a visit to determine recovered. Expel rate is higher if IUD’s are inserted immediately after pregnancy termination.

In the case of medical abortion, you can use IUD’s after the blood discharge is stopped and the vagina is termed perfect enough.

Diaphragms, cervical caps:

The diaphragm can be inserted immediately after a first-trimester abortion done in the clinic. Cervical cap can be fitted whenever a woman wants to have sexual intercourse after pregnancy termination. If abortion is done in second-trimester one has to wait for four weeks to fit these contraceptives.

In the case of medical termination, one can use this contraception’s when you plan for sexual intercourse.

Fertility awareness methods:

Abortion will help you to terminate your pregnancy and it won't affect your fertility. After the clinical abortion, it is advised to wait until three menstrual cycles to pass. After the normal pattern has been resumed one can opt for sexual intercourse. Using additional backup methods is also advised while indulging in sexual intercourse.

This same procedure should be followed after medical abortion. Wait for the first three menstrual cycles and using addition, backup methods before having sexual intercourse.


After the clinical abortion, this process can be adapted anytime by consenting with your partner. This process requires a clinical visit so that proper checkup would be done to continue the process.

The same thing should be done in case of medical abortion consent of your partner is required in this process.

Use of the contraceptive pill is quite handy. It will avoid an unwanted pregnancy and will reduce the possibility of getting pregnant. The option of online abortion pill always available if one decides for pregnancy termination.