Things to know about getting pregnant after abortion

There are many misconceptions about medical abortion. One of the most feared things about abortion is it will affect your fertility. However, it’s not true. The use of abortion pill won't affect your fertility on can get pregnant immediately after having an abortion. 
Most of the couples opt for abortion because they are not prepared for a child, whereas some choose this option for health reason or due to some medical condition. But, getting pregnant immediately after an abortion is always harmful. Following are some facts which you must know about conception immediately after pregnancy termination.

Effect of abortion on fertility:

As said earlier use of an abortion pill doesn’t affect the fertility of the woman. When you online buy Abortion Pill for pregnancy termination with a proper guidance and perform the process as per instructions were given to you, you will have a normal and safe abortion. One must follow all the instructions carefully or else it may affect fertility due to any kind of damage caused to ovaries and Fallopian tube. Nevertheless, the advancement of medical science has reduced the chances of complications and infection after medical abortion.

Effect of multiple abortions on cervix:

Termination process to delay pregnancy won’t harm you. But if you choose to opt for this option multiple times will definitely harm your body. Multiple dilations and curettages (D&C) mean cleaning uterus linings will weaken the cervix. So, if you decide to get pregnant after multiple abortions you may suffer from the inept cervical. This means cervix gets dilated before time or mistimed abortion. You can understand the condition of the cervix by performing a hysterectomy.

Getting pregnant after abortion can be harmful:

Doctors have suggested that getting pregnant immediately after abortion within 3 months of termination process can be harmful. The uterus softens because of medicines used in this process and due to the process of expelling pregnancy parts. This process will cause heavy blood loss. In contrast to this, a surgical termination process will cause a lesser blood loss as it uses absorption voidance. Doctors hence suggested waiting for next pregnancy at least 6months after abortion. To avoid you can use contraceptives or birth control to avoid getting pregnant after abortion.

Use of contraceptives after abortion:

Even if you experience bleeding or missed a period after abortion process, there is a slight possibility of ovulating. That means there still a chance of getting pregnant after abortion. Therefore, it is suggested to use contraceptives or birth control pill even after the termination process.

Take expert advice to plan pregnancy:

You can buy Abortion Pills online to terminate a pregnancy without making many visits to the clinic. But it is suggested to consult a doctor before aborting the pregnancy and about getting pregnant after abortion. Perform diagnostic test to confirm abortion and the condition of the uterus to get confirmation for next planned pregnancy. During the pregnancy termination process vagina, an entire pelvic region is more sensitive having an intercourse during the process can cause infection and will delay the process of healing after abortion.