Use of Misoprostol: abortion and other medical use

Misoprostol pill is branded by Cytotec medicine, it is used to start labor, cause abortion, treat stomach ulcers and in the treatment of postpartum bleeding caused by poor uterus contraction. It is a prostaglandin E1 medicine that will cause anti-secretion activity. This medicine can be consumed buccally or sublingually. If you are taking it for abortion you can take vaginally also. When it is used for abortion, it should be taken with a combination of another medicine called Mifepristone. It caused contractions and smoothens of muscle tissues. It will dilate the cervix and will expel pregnancy parts out of the uterus through the vagina.

Most women prefer to buy online Misoprostol pill for early pregnancy termination because of its success rate, which is more than 90%. This medicine is also helpful in the basal and the night secretion of gastric liquids and revitalizing it. It will be helpful in the treatment of stomach ulcers by acting on the mucosal membrane of the abdomen.

Use and dose instruction of Misoprostol pill:

Before you start taking Misoprostol one must understand how to take this medicine? What are the side effects? And other details about this medicine. While consulting with a doctor about doses and methods to use this medicine one must discuss its medical history.

  • If you are taking this abortion pill for abortion, it should be taken within first trimester i.e. within 10weeksof pregnancy. You can take this medicine by putting it under your tongue or between your cheek and gum. Keep it for 30 minutes and allow it to dissolve completely and then swallow it. Another method to take this medicine is by vaginally. Keep your medicines in your vagina push them inside with a finger. This medicine will start its effect within 30minutes and will start bleeding within 4-5 hours after consumption.
  • If you are taking this medicine for prevention of stomach ulcers take doses of 200mcg, 2-3 times a day. Doses limit of this medicine is 800mcg. If doses are intolerable you can reduce them by 100mcg.


Before you buy Misoprostol online, take advice from your doctor. While consulting with a doctor about doses and methods to use this medicine one must discuss its medical history. Avoid the use of this abortion pill in following medical conditions:

  • Using IUD’s
  • Extrauterine pregnancy
  • More than 5pregnancies in past
  • During lactation
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Breathing problem like bronchial asthma

Side effects of Misoprostol pill:

Use of this abortion pill will cause cramping and bleeding. Bleeding can be a normal as period bleeding. It may be seen as a natural miscarriage. This is expected after-effect, which are proof that this medicine is working fine on your system. Apart from this, the use of this medicine will cause nausea, vomiting, indigestion, abdominal pain etc. all these are temporary side effects and will end soon as the process ends. If they exist for a long consult with your doctor it can be a symptom of infection.

Make a visit to clinic 3-4 weeks after taking this medicine to confirm abortion and to continue with your daily routines