Abortion Pill Pack used for pregnancy termination without side effects

Abortion Pill Pack is a complete combination of a pill to terminate an unwanted pregnancy and to control side effects caused by it. This should be used within 10 weeks of the gestation period. This is one of the ideal and safest ways to terminate your pregnancy without having surgery.

Abortion Pill Pack Working mechanism:

When you buy Abortion Pill Pack online it comes with a combination of 5 medicines: Mifepristone (anti-progesterone), Misoprostol (Prostaglandin E1), antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, and blood coagulants. Mifepristone is a primary medicine and Misoprostol is a secondary medicine in the medical termination process. Rest three medicines are used to control side effects caused by the first two medicines.


It is an anti-progesterone medicine that should be taken on the first day of treatment. It will work by removing life support from it, causing the death of the fetus. It will open cervix and will soften the inner lining of the uterus. You can take this medicine orally with light food. Taking heavy and fatty meal during this process may cause nausea.


It is a prostaglandin E1 medicine that should be taken 24-48 hours after taking Mifepristone. This medicine will dilate the cervix and will expel dead pregnancy parts out of the uterus along with heavy bleeding. You can take this medicine orally as well as vaginally. The vaginal way is suggested over oral as it directly contacts with a uterus. If you are taking this medicine orally do not chew, break, or crush it try to swallow it whole.

Side effects of the Abortion Pill Pack:

This Abortion Pill Pack contains 5 medicine first two medicines in this pill will help in the successful termination of pregnancy but will cause some side effects. Some of these side effects are cramping, vaginal bleeding, nausea, fever, abdominal pain etc. all these side effects are temporary and can be controlled with the following medicines,

Ondansetron or Zofran:

This is an antiemetic medicine that can be used to prevent side effects like nausea and vomiting. The strength of these doses is 4 mg and it will help to stop gastric disorders.

Flexon – MR

It is an anti-inflammatory medicine that will work as a muscle relaxant. It will help in the treatment of stomach ache and cramping.


This is a blood coagulant that can be used for clotting of blood and will help to prevent from excessive blood loss. Doses strength of this medicine is 250 mg and will prevent excessive blood loss during the pregnancy termination process.


When you online buy Abortion Pill Pack make sure of following precaution measures.

  • Confirm your pregnancy and its gestation period by performing an ultrasound test.
  • Avoid use of this medicine if you suspect or confirm extrauterine pregnancy i.e. pregnancy outside the uterus, usually in the Fallopian tube.
  • Avoid use of these medicines if you are using IUD’s. IUD’s should be removed before using these Abortion Pills.
  • Avoid use of these medicines during breastfeeding. It may form acidic contents in breast milk. This may cause nausea in newborn.