Is Abortion Pill safe during breastfeeding?

Now a day’s medical abortion is gaining more popularity over surgical abortion. The reason behind it is its low-cost, easy availability and secrecy. You can Abortion Pill online to terminate your pregnancy at home with higher privacy without making any clinical visits. Medical abortion involves two medicines which are effective in medical termination of pregnancy, they are Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion Pill.

However, these medicines should be avoided during lactation. Recent studies suggested that there is an increment in a number of women who use medical termination of pregnancy while they are breastfeeding. There is no specific data available about the use of anti-progesterone medicine during breastfeeding and how it affects. Recent studies have revealed that breast milk collected from women during their pregnancy termination has less than 200mcg progesterone blockers.

Samples showed that levels of medicine were higher in breast milk during the first 12 hours after taking this abortion pill. There was a decline in the concentration level of this Mifepristone up to 200mcg after 7 days. There is no much adversity in doses of this medicine for both mother and child. Women can continue with their pregnancy termination with these medicines without any disruption.

Which method to choose for pregnancy termination during lactation?

It is advised to avoid the use of the abortion pill during pregnancy termination. Some contents of this medicine may pass through breast milk in negligible amount and may affect the health of the child. It may cause diarrhea if the child is being fed while taking this medicine. After the FDA updated its regulation for use and doses of Mifepristone abortion pill, it is said its effects are insignificant. However, studies are still going up to find the side of incidents.

Following are some advice which can be used if one wishes to continue breastfeeding and wish to terminate a pregnancy at the same time.

  • Know how to prevent breast milk before using anti-progesterone medicine.
  • Stored milk can be used for 5-7days.
  • Use stored milk to the fed baby
  • Continue the breastfeeding once you are recovered completely from termination

In this way, you can continue with breastfeeding and abortion at the same time.

Another important factor which influences the quality of breast milk is a proper diet. Mammary glands produce breast milk in the female body. Consult with a lactation consultant about how diet should be changed after pregnancy and during abortion period if using termination pills while breastfeeding.

When to continue with the nourishment of the baby?

Whichever method is chosen for abortion at the end of the day health of the mother and the child is important. The best measure is avoiding any complication with both individual health. If women are opting for a medical termination, she can stop breastfeeding for some while. When you buy Abortion Pill to terminate a pregnancy at home and use it the process last for at least 4-5weeksaftersuccesful termination of pregnancy you can continue with breastfeeding for baby. Consult with doctors, they will suggest you when to stop feeding and when to continue it and what other medicines can be used during this procedure.