Mifeprex an ideal solution to end unwanted gestation

What is Mifeprex and why it is used?

Mifeprex is a primary regimen that is used in pregnancy termination with other prescription medicine Misoprostol. This is sold as a brand product for generic Mifepristone. This medicine will help to end a pregnancy in its early weeks that is within 10 weeks of pregnancy. This pregnancy period should be calculated from the first day of your last period. FDA approves this medicine in the year 2000 to terminate a pregnancy and should not be used for a pregnancy that is further along.

How does this pregnancy termination pill work?

This medicine has anti-progesterone properties that block the synthesis of the natural female hormone progesterone. This hormone is important in carrying and sustaining fertile eggs. This will block the supply of oxygen, blood vessels, and other essential nutrients by detaching the fetus from the placenta and uterine linings.

This medicine should be used on the first day when you take treatment with this medicine. This will end a pregnancy within 1-2 days after consumption.

Take the second medicine after 24-48 hours after taking Mifeprex pill. This will remove the dead fetus from the uterus and will end a pregnancy completely. This will take 2-3 days to finish it completely and its effect will last for 10-12 days.

In some rare cases, a woman will experience vaginal bleeding after taking Mifeprex Abortion Pill. If you experience these do not get worried or discontinue treatment. Continue with other medicine as you still may be pregnant even after taking the first medicine.

What to expect after taking this abortion pill?

After successful administration of Mifeprex pill, a woman will experience following after effects,

  1. Cramps and vaginal bleeding: These are expected after effect of this pregnancy termination pill and are symptoms that the termination pill is working properly in your system. Bleeding will normal period like and that will end soon. If bleeding continued for longer or started smelling bad consult your healthcare provider as this can be a symptom of infection.
  2. Fever: Some women may experience a mild fever after taking this abortion pill. If you had a fever of 100.4-degree Fahrenheit for longer than 5-hour, contact your healthcare provider.
    Along with this, a woman may experience side effects like nausea, cold, sickness, illness, vomiting, diarrhea etc. One must understand all these side effects are temporary and can be controlled with other medicines.


When you online buy Mifeprex, one must remember that this medicine will not help in the following situations,

  • An ectopic pregnancy: This medicine should not be used in case of an ectopic pregnancy. This abortion pill will only help in terminating a pregnancy that is growing inside the uterus.
  • Using IUD: If you are using an IUD, they should be removed before using these pregnancy termination pills.
  • On lactation period: If you are on breastfeeding, avoid using this medicine. Mifeprex pregnancy termination pill is secreted in small amounts in breast milk. Increased secretion of this may cause acidic formation in milk.

If you have any serious medical condition like cardiac disorder, breathing problem, adrenal gland failure avoids the use of this abortion pill in above mentioned medical condition.