Why Abortion Pills are not suggested in ectopic pregnancy?

You can buy Abortion Pills online to terminate early pregnancy. It is the safest solution to terminate a pregnancy than the surgical way. However, it is not recommended to use during an ectopic pregnancy. To understand this, we must understand what an ectopic pregnancy is? Why it should not be used? And what are the possible consequences?

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is defined when pregnancy is attached or grows outside uterus i.e. usually in a Fallopian tube. It is a life-threatening situation because when pregnancy grows there is a possibility that it can burst the tube or any area in which it is growing. Therefore, it must be treated immediately, with or without surgery. However, using Abortion Pills during ectopic pregnancy won’t help in pregnancy termination as its growing outside uterus.

Therefore, it is suggested to buy Abortion Pill online only after confirmation of intrauterine pregnancy and its gestation period. This can be done by performing ultrasound sonography tests or by pelvic examination. If you use Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion Pill without confirming or having Sonography test and you don’t experience any loss of tissue or bleeding there is a possibility of ectopic pregnancy. The use of Abortion Pills during this process won’t help in pregnancy termination.

How to suspect an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy can be suspected by the following symptoms:

  • If you experience sharp waves of pain in lower abdomen
  • Stomach pain mostly in one side
  • Vaginal spotting and bleeding
  • Pain in shoulder and neck
  • Feeling dizziness and fainting

These symptoms are mostly seen if an ectopic pregnancy has already burst. A patient needs immediate medical attention after these symptoms. One may experience normal pelvic cramps, breast soreness, lower back pain, nausea during an ectopic pregnancy.

A woman having an ectopic pregnancy can go freely to the hospital for pregnancy termination, even if abortion is strictly prohibited in that region.

How does it happen?

An ectopic or ovarian pregnancy happens when the eggs are fertilized outside the uterus and not by attaching it to intrauterine linings. It usually happens inside Fallopian tube which is a small passage between ovary and uterus from where egg passes. When the matured egg is stuck in the tube and grows continuously it is difficult to sustain it inside the tube, it might cause tube rupture. This type of pregnancy is not easy to carry and will have to terminate at some point or else it might cause life-threatening issues.

Why Abortion Pill doesn’t work?

Use of Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion Pill won’t help in pregnancy termination in case of ectopic pregnancy neither help in treating it.

Abortion Pills only work with pregnancy hormones inside the uterus and will cause intrauterine contractions to terminate the pregnancy. They are not effective in terminating pregnancy outside the uterus.

Consult with your gynecologist about your pregnancy and health before you opt for the Abortion Pill. Confirm pregnancy if you suspect an ectopic pregnancy. Taking proper treatment on time will prevent internal bleeding caused by the splitting of the Fallopian tube.