How to manage bleeding during a medical abortion?

Vaginal bleeding caused by the Abortion Pill during medical termination is always a concern of a woman. When you buy Abortion Pill online or any other medicine that is used to terminate an unwanted pregnancy you may experience vaginal bleeding. One must monitor the bleeding pattern during the termination process. It will help you to understand your health and will give you an alert if there is any sign of infection or complication.

Why do women experience bleeding during a medical abortion?

Abortion Pills work in a combination with two medicines i.e. with Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The secondary pill in the termination process is Misoprostol that is a prostaglandin E1 medicine. This works by dilating the cervix and softening inner linings of the uterus. This termination pill will cause cramping and normal period like vaginal bleeding.

When to expect bleeding?

First medicine in this process is Mifepristone that is an anti-progesterone medicine. One may not experience any side effects after taking this medicine. Another medicine should be taken 24 hours after taking Mifepristone. Bleeding will start 4-5 hours after taking Misoprostol. If you experience bleeding after taking Mifepristone, do not worry or discontinue treatment. Consult with your doctor and opt for another medicine. Both their medicines should be used for successful termination.

How long does bleeding last?

Vaginal bleeding can last for a week or more than that. Bleeding duration is dependent on your gestation period. Bleeding will get higher when fetal tissues are expelled out and will end when uterine tissues are expelled completely.

How is bleeding during an abortion?

Bleeding can as normal period bleeding and sometimes can be heavier. It may soak 4 maxi pads a day during the abortion process.

What precautions should be taken?

Avoid inserting anything in the vagina during the termination process. Do not use a tampon to manage to bleed during the termination process it can be an invitation to bacterial infection.

Vagina and the entire pelvic region are more sensitive during the termination process so it is suggested to avoid sexual intercourse during the abortion process.

Self-hygiene plays a very important role in this. Avoid use of scented soap to clean the vagina and opt for water.

When to worry about bleeding?

Follow all instruction given when you use online Abortion Pill. If bleeding is excessive and lasts more than 12-14 days, consult your doctor as it can be an indication of infection. Increase intake of iron and food that will help in regaining the loss of blood. If you do not experience bleeding even after taking Misoprostol, it can lead to an incomplete abortion. Bleeding is important to phase of the termination process as it gives a confirmation that the medicine is working properly in your system. Do not worry if you experience blood clots as big as the size of a lemon. These can be fatal tissues that are being removed. 

It will take 15-16 days to get healed completely from the termination process. Visit clinic to confirm pregnancy termination after 3-4 weeks when you take this medicine.