Why choose prescribed medicine for medical abortion?

Pregnancy is a very important and dedicates part of a woman’s life. But if it is undesired, then it must be terminated within time. For this, there are two options available i.e. surgical and medical. If a woman does not wish to go under the knife she can opt for medical abortion. There are various medicines available for that, but you should not use them without consulting your gynecologist. One must buy Abortion Pill online with a proper prescription given by your doctor.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are two FDA approved Abortion Pills that can be used to terminate the pregnancy. Here in this blog, we’ll be discussing why one should use prescribed termination pills for abortion process.

For safe termination:

The use of Abortion Pills is dependent on a woman’s health and pregnancy duration. For this, you must consult first with your doctor about which termination procedure is suitable and which medicines should be used. Doctors will suggest you use Mifepristone and Misoprostol for successful termination if your gestation period is not exceeding 10 weeks.

Avoid risks:

You must visit the clinic to perform an ultrasound test to confirm your pregnancy and gestation period. It will also help you to detect the type of pregnancy. Avoid use of this Abortion Pill in case of ectopic pregnancy. Taking these termination pills during ectopic pregnancy can lead to life-threatening problems. It is important to discuss any other medical condition that you have, like

  • If you are using any anticoagulant,
  • Using IUD’s,
  • Have a cardiovascular disease
  • Breathing problem

To avoid further risks caused by this Abortion Pill.

Understanding of procedure:

One must discuss a method to use these Abortion Pills. If the proper method is not followed or proper care is not taken then it may cause serious infection.

Online availability:

Online availability of Abortion Pills has made them popular in women for termination option. There are many websites which sale FDA approved Abortion Pill online. They have made user guide available you can get help through it for its usage. It provides more security to terminate the pregnancy rather than buying it from a local medical store.


The surgical method of pregnancy termination involves multiple visits at the clinic to undergo termination procedure. Whereas in case of medical abortion you can call your physician and get help at your home for pregnancy termination. It does not involve visits at the clinic and you can terminate a pregnancy with more privacy.

Online availability of medicine s has made it possible for women to get this pregnancy termination pill at doorsteps without having any uncomfortable conversations. It has made medicine available at fingertips. But make sure that you buy a product from genuine vendors only. Do not buy any medicine without a proper prescription. If you ever come across any website that is offering termination pill without prescription there is a possibility that the website is not trustworthy. If you buy any medicine without a prescription you will be solely responsible for the consequences of the procedure.