Cytotec – singular solution for pregnancy termination

There are many medicines available to terminate a pregnancy at home. Use of these Abortion Pills will allow a woman to terminate a pregnancy at home. Because of its noninvasive technique abortion pills are gaining more popularity among the women for pregnancy termination. One of the most widely used medicines for pregnancy termination is online Cytotec.

This is a synthetic prostaglandin medicine that will terminate a pregnancy that is no longer than 10 weeks. This medicine is sold as a brand medicine for generic Misoprostol. This Abortion Pill is used in combination with Mifepristone medicine. Both these medicines are important for successful termination of pregnancy.

Cytotec pill Working mechanism:

This medicine should be followed 1-2 days after taking Mifepristone. Cytotec pill has prostaglandin E1 properties that will work by dilating the cervix and softening the uterine linings. This medicine will cause loss of blood and uterine tissue while removing the fetus parts out of the uterus. This medicine will start scratching the uterine linings that will cause cramping.

Along with medical termination, Cytotec can be used for the following a purpose,

  • Start contraction
  • Treating stomach cavities
  • Duodenum ulcers caused by the use of NSAID’s
  • Abdominal ulcers

Dosing format:

As said earlier, this medicine should be used after Mifepristone. Use of Mifepristone will terminate a pregnancy by reforming life support from the fetus. This termination pill should be consumed on the first day of treatment and it will cause the death of the fetus within 1-2 days.

Take Cytotec pill after this. This abortion pill should be used either vaginally or orally. When you take this medicine vaginally, keep this medicine inside the vagina and push them inside with a finger. When you take this medicine buccally keep this medicine in your mouth and allow it to dissolve for 30 minutes.

This medicine will take at least 30 minutes to start its effect. Therefore, it is advised to avoid urinating and vomiting when you take this termination pill vaginally and buccally respectively.

If you are using this medicine in combination with Mifeprex 4 pills of Cytotec should be used. If you are taking this medicine solely you may require 12 pills.

Precautionary measures:

When you Cytotec buy online, make sure to follow the following precautions.

Avoid intake of alcohol, smoking the tobacco-like substance, eating a fatty, heavy or oily meal during the termination process.
Avoid instance workout, getting involved in the physical or outdoor activity, having sexual intercourse after taking this termination pill.

Use of this medicine may cause excessive loss of blood that will make a woman dehydrated. Therefore, it is advised to keep hydrating drinks with you.

A woman with the following medical conditions must avoid the use of Cytotec.

  • if you have a pregnancy that is growing outside the uterus
  • if you are using IUDs
  • if you are a breastfeeding woman
  • if you have a breathing disorder
  • if you have a cardiac disorder
  • if you suffer kidney disorder or bladder infection

Consult with your gynecologist if you have any of the above mentioned medical conditions before taking treatment with this medicine.