Cytotec an innovative solution for early pregnancy termination

Women will be relieved by listening to the news that, there is no need to have surgery to terminate a pregnancy. Yes, this is possible because of the advancement of science and the medical industry. A solution with which you can terminate an undesired pregnancy without having surgery is available now. There is no need to go to hospitals or clinic to have surgery and cease a pregnancy. This can be done with a medicine called online Cytotec. You can have an abortion at home without making any efforts. It is an effective and innovative solution that will give you relief from pain and stress caused by surgical abortion method.

Now lets us understand what is Cytotec and how will it help in pregnancy termination?

Cytotec 200mcg is a secondary medicine that is used in pregnancy termination. This medicine is used in combination with a medicine called Mifeprex. Both these medicines work in combination to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. Mifeprex is a brand medicine of generic Misoprostol that has anti-progesterone properties. Mifeprex will cause the death of the fetus.

Cytotec pill, on the other hand, is secondary prostaglandin E1 medicine. This is a brand medicine for generic Misoprostol. It should be used within the gestation period of 10 weeks. This Abortion Pill is very safe and has about 95% rate of successful abortion.

How to use this Abortion Pill?

When you take Misoprostol to terminate a pregnancy, it can be administered in two different ways.

Oral administration:

When you take this medicine orally, keep this medicine in your mouth and allow them to dissolve. When they are dissolved completely swallow them without water. Keep 2 pills in your mouth at a time. Avoid vomiting for 30 minutes.

Vaginal administration:

When you take this medicine vaginally, keep 4 pills of it inside your vagina and push them inside. While taking this medicine to avoid urination at least for half an hour. This medicine requires at least 30 minutes starting its working.

If you are taking this Abortion Pill in combination with Mifeprex use 4 pills of it. If you are taking this medicine alone, you’ll need 12 pills to terminate a pregnancy.

What to do after taking Cytotec?

After taking Misoprostol you will experience cramps and bleeding within 4-5 hours. This is a normal period type bleeding. This will last for 10-12 days. Once it is stopped visiting a clinic to perform an ultrasound or sonogram test to confirm your pregnancy termination. If pregnancy is not ended completely ask for another pair of Abortion Pill or use any other method to end a pregnancy.

When to avoid this termination pill?

A woman with the following condition must avoid the use of this Abortion Pill. 

  • If your pregnancy is exceeding 10 weeks duration
  • If you have a pregnancy that is growing outside the uterus
  • If you suffer a breathing disorder
  • If you suffer an adrenal gland failure
  • If you have any cardiovascular disease
  • If you have a kidney problem or a bladder infection
  • If you have the uterine disease

It is advised to consult with your gynecologist before using Cytotec Abortion Pill online to terminate a pregnancy if you have any of the above-mentioned problems.