Thing to know about bleeding pattern during medical pregnancy termination

Many women hinder to terminate a pregnancy by medically because of blood loss caused during pregnancy termination. However, this is not as intense as it's been told. When you buy Abortion Pill online to terminate a pregnancy, you’re expected to bleed in due course of the termination process. It is important for women to understand their bleeding pattern.

Following are a few points that will explain the whole picture of the bleeding procedure

You will do not necessarily bleed after taking first medicine:

There’s a misconception in women who undergo medical pregnancy termination that they will bleed only after administrating second termination pill Misoprostol. If the truth to be told, it is possible that a woman will experience bleeding after administrating first Abortion Pill Mifepristone. There is nothing abnormal in this and you can continue with second medicine. After administration of the second pill, you will experience bleeding within 24 hours.

Say no to tampons:

Vagina and pelvis are more sensitive during pregnancy termination. Any kind of insertion in the vagina during medical pregnancy termination will make the vagina more vulnerable. In a recent survey, it was found that many women prefer to use tampons to control blood flow during menstrual periods. Using tampons won't cause any serious impact on health when it is used during periods. In contradiction to this, using tampons during medical pregnancy termination can cause bacterial infection and serious impact on health.

Bleeding is an indication of successful pregnancy termination:

While heavy bleeding considers as a side effect of medical termination, it is important to bleed during medical pregnancy termination as this will pass pregnancy parts through blood. Bleeding is an indication of pregnancy termination. A woman will experience blood clots as big as the size of a big lemon during pregnancy termination.


Cramping is another most commonly experienced side effect of pregnancy termination. After consumption of second medicine, a woman's uterus will start a contraction. Its intensity can be similar to the menstrual periods. Its intensity will vary from women to women depending on their body type. These cramps are resulted in breaking down of the uterine walls. These cramps are temporary and will end within 3-4 days.

Bleeding duration will vary from woman to woman:

When you use the online Abortion Pill the whole process of pregnancy termination will last for 14-15 days. The pregnancy is terminated within 7-10 days and its aftereffects will last for 4-5 days. This depends on the body type of a woman and a gestation period of pregnancy. A woman can confirm pregnancy termination after 10 days after bleeding has stopped.

When you should seek medical attention?

If you experience heavy bleeding for instance if you soak more than 4-5 sanitary pads a day consult with your doctor. If bleeding starts smelling bad consult with your doctor as soon as possible as this can be an indication of bacterial infection.

To recover early from pregnancy termination, include eating vitamin, iron, and fiber containing food. Try including hydrating drinks to avoid dehydration. Make sure to follow all the instruction and precautionary measures suggested by the doctor to recover early from pregnancy termination.