After abortion care tips for faster recovery

Medical abortion is one of the safest healthcare that you can get. This procedure will terminate a pregnancy safely with the help of online Abortion Pills. Thought his procedure is safe most women neglect after abortion care. However, this is equally important, that you should follow all health care measure after terminating a pregnancy for faster recovery. Here this blog shall explain what health care measure you should follow during pregnancy termination.

Avoid getting involved in intense physical activity:

Getting you involved in intense physical activities like an excessive workout, outdoor activities, tracking, etc. during pregnancy termination or soon after pregnancy termination. The entire pelvis is more sensitive during pregnancy termination. Performing any such activity can apply too much pressure on the uterus and vagina. Therefore, it is advised to avoid any such practice.

Avoid drinking and smoking during termination:

Consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited during the termination process is as it can work as a blood thinner and cause excessive loss of blood. Same way if you are a regular smoker, it is advised to skip this for a couple of weeks as this can interfere with the working of termination pill. You can resume smoking and drink 3-4 weeks later.

Do not insert anything into the vagina:

During medical pregnancy termination, your vulva and vagina are prone to infection. At such a time of delicacy inserting anything into your vagina like a sex toy, tampons or anything can make it more vulnerable. Therefore, it is advised to avoid any such activity.

Avoid sexual intercourse:

Abortion procedure will cause a sudden change in levels of a hormone that will make a woman more emotional and sensitive. Any support or even the slightest concern you receive from your body part will bring you even closer to your partner that can lead to sexual intercourse. However, you must refuse intercourse after pregnancy termination. A reason for this is the same as the previous point. Apart from this, unprotected intercourse after pregnancy termination can lead to further pregnancy. Many have this misunderstanding that sexual intercourse after pregnancy termination can’t cause pregnancy. However, if the truth is told, abortion will not affect the fertility of the woman. Therefore, it is advised to avoid physical relation during pregnancy termination. You can continue with your sex-life after 3-4 weeks once you have recovered completely from termination procedure.

Do what you like:

As said earlier medical pregnancy termination will cause a sudden change in the level of hormone. Recovering from medical pregnancy termination is more of an emotional thing than physical. It is observed that women surrounded by a positive environment recover faster than other ones who couldn’t. To avoid mood swings and keep the surrounding atmosphere positive you can include the following activities in your schedule,

  1. Read books
  2. Watch movies
  3. Listen to music
  4. Do simple exercises like yoga
  5. Make artworks or crafts

Most importantly, it is the people around you who matters the most when it comes to the emotional recovery from pregnancy termination. Hence it is advised to talk to people who are close to you and share your feelings.

When you use an online MTP kit for pregnancy termination, the best way to recover from it physically it is by getting rest. Try to work from home for a couple of weeks. This will help to get rest and recover faster from pregnancy termination.