Cytotec from stomach ulcers to medical pregnancy termination

There are a number of options available for pregnancy termination. Some of them are taken solely while as some of them are taken in combination. Online Cytotec is one of that medicine that can be administered in both the ways i.e. in combination as well as solely. Here this blog shall explain how this medicine will terminate a pregnancy.

Cytotec and its use:

This is brand medicine for generic Misoprostol that has prostaglandin properties. This medicine was originally developed for treating health issues like stomach cavities and ulcers. Later it was discovered that this medicine is helpful in terminating a pregnancy. Then it was researched and re-launched as an abortifacient. Apart from pregnancy termination, this medicine is also helpful in the following situations

  1. Stomach cavities
  2. Duodenum ulcers
  3. Labor pain
  4. Abdominal ulcers
  5. Start contraction

How this pregnancy termination pill will work?

As said earlier Cytotec is a brand medicine for generic Misoprostol. This has prostaglandin E1 properties that cause dilation of the cervix. This medicine will break down uterine walls made up for implantation of fertile eggs and carry a pregnancy. This abortion pill will cause dilation of the cervix to expel the fetus from the uterus. This will also cause loss of uterine tissues and blood clots during the removal of pregnancy.

What dosing instruction should be followed?

When you start taking treatment with Cytotec 200 mcg solely, you’ll need 12 pills of this medicine that should be administered within 10 weeks of pregnancy. A woman should administer 4 pills of this termination pill after every 3-4 hours. You can take this medicine either orally or vaginally as suggested by your doctor.

If you are taking this in combination with other anti-progesterone medicine Mifepristone 200 mg, you’ll need 4 pills of this medicine.

What are the limitations of an abortion pill?

Though Cytotec is helpful in many ways this has some limitations too. Avoid the use of this termination pill if,

  • You are above age 35 and bellow 18
  • Your pregnancy is of the ectopic type
  • You are allergic to this medicine
  • You suffer adrenal gland failure
  • You have a history of uterine rupture

If you suffer any of these above-mentioned medical conditions avoid the use of this medicine.

What are the expected side effects of Cytotec?

Use of this abortion pill will cause effects like cramping and vaginal bleeding. These are considered as a symptom of pregnancy termination. Along with this, a woman will experience side effects that include nausea, cold, fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, sickness, etc. These are few commonly seen side effects of this termination pill that can be controlled with the help of other medical or with some home remedies.

What safety measures should be followed during pregnancy termination?

When you buy online Cytotec to terminate a pregnancy make sure to follow the following safety measures.

Avoid the use of this medicine if you have a hypersensitivity to this medicine.

Avoid excessive workout, lifting heavy things, sexual intercourse during pregnancy termination.

Avoid eating a heavy and fatty meal during pregnancy termination.