5 myths about fertility after medical pregnancy termination

The decision of pregnancy termination is mainly taken to avoid further health issues, financial conditions, or for career priorities. It is normal for them to hope for pregnancies in the future. But there are women who avoid terminating a pregnancy with the help of online Abortion Pills because of the few myths spread about pregnancy termination and its effects on the fertility of a woman. Here we have made an attempt to clear these doubts about the same.

Medical abortion causes hormonal fluctuation:

Well, this is true that the Abortion Pill works by changing hormonal levels in the uterus. Abortion Pills used for pregnancy termination are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone amongst them will terminate a pregnancy by restricting progesterone hormone. You can detect such hormonal changes from sudden mood swings or irregular menstrual cycle. However, one must remember these changes are not permanent. Change in hormones will get normalized by the time.

Abortion Pills will cause a permanent change in the reproductive system:

Abortion performed with the help of medicines is a noninvasive process. This is done by breaking endometrial linings of the uterus. Misoprostol termination pill used in the process will break inner uterine walls and will start dilation of the cervix. This medicine will only reverse the effects caused after conception. This will not cause any damage to the ovaries, uterus or any part of the reproductive system.

Intercourse post-abortion is painful:

When you terminate a pregnancy with medical termination, this process will last for 10-12 days and its after-effects may last for 3-4 weeks. These after-effects include cramping and vaginal bleeding. This makes your vagina and entire pelvis more sensitive. Having intercourse at such time will be painful and can cause further health issues. Once you have recovered completely from abortion and have taken confirmation from a doctor you can resume having intercourse and sexual activities.

Abortion Pill will cause mental illness:

There are no proofs that medical abortion will cause any mental harm or illness. However, the decision of pregnancy termination is not easy. It can cause a lot of pressure on a woman in certain cases. Some women may experience problems like depression, anxiety, and chronic rage. To make such a decision woman has to be strong emotionally as well as physically. Getting support from partner, family, and friends will avoid such mental stress.

Abortion can cause breast cancer:

Breast cancer in women is associated with certain levels of hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin. The three hormones will dictate the growth and escalation of breast cells. This hormone changes several times throughout a woman's life. However, when you use this Abortion Pill, they do not indicate any such risk of hormonal change and breast cancer.

There are a few common myths that are feared by women. However, one must remember that when you buy online Abortion Pills to cease a pregnancy, they won't cause any impact on their future pregnancies. If you are still concerned about this procedure, kindly consult with your healthcare provider and seek for advice.