Mifepristone- The safe and secure remedy to get the pregnancy terminated

Several women do have an unplanned pregnancy. There can be several reasons which can result in an unplanned pregnancy and women must seek an affordable and convenient remedy which helps in terminating the pregnancy. While a woman is pregnant, it is necessary that during the initial stage, she does decide whether to keep the pregnancy or not. In case if women do not wish to continue with the pregnancy then the best option which is left with her is medical abortion. Medical abortion can be performed only during the first trimester and the only essential and required things during this time is online Abortion Pills.

Though the medical abortion process seems to be easy, it must be being performed as per the guidance. Women need to make the use of the termination pills as instructed so that it can help women to get the pregnancy terminated with an easy method.

As known Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit are the two medicines which are being used by women so that it can help to get the pregnancy terminated.


Mifepristone early pregnancy termination pill

Usually, this is the first pill which is administrated and this is an anti-progesterone pill which works against the progesterone hormones and helps women to get the fetus separated from the uterus. While you administrate this Abortion Pill it works so that it can block the hormones, which are essential for the growth of the pregnancy. Once these progesterone hormones are blocked, it becomes easy for the embryo to get dispatched from the uterus.

Misoprostol early pregnancy termination pill

This is the secondary pill which contains prostaglandin and works effectively so that it can help women to get the pregnancy terminated. This Abortion Pill works so that the fetus can be flushed causing contraction of the uterus.

At the end what matters is several pills which are prescribed to you. Depending upon the gestation period, your gynecologist can ask you to buy online Mifepristone 1 pill of 200mg and 4 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg each or you may be asked to purchase 3 pills of Mifepristone if this Abortion Pill is used alone. If Misoprostol is being recommended alone than 12 pills of this abortion remedy are to be used. 

Side effects

The care of everything must be been taken during this period. Hence, after using Mifepristone pill women can have some of the side effects such as bleeding, nausea, vomiting, cramping, fever, and fatigue. These side effects do vary from one woman to another and hence women must seek medical help in case any of the side effects get worse or more severe. 


  • Women those who make the use of Mifepristone pill are asked to make sure that they do strictly avoid the use of remedies which interacts and results in side effects.
  • Women need to make the use of sanitary pads and avoid the use of tampons as the use of tampons can lead to infections. 
  • Women need to make sure that they do avoid involving in physical labor as this can affect the recovery part.
  • Consumption of alcohol, grapefruit juice, and magnesium should be strictly avoided as this can interact and result in side effects.