Reasons why eligibility check is necessary before using Abortion Pills

Depending upon the body, region, and age the eligibility to undergo a medical termination differs. To avoid any further complications, women are asked to strictly to confirm whether they do fit in the eligibility criteria to make the use of Abortion Pills. 

Following are some of the points which are mandatory to know and which helps women to know whether she fit in the criteria to make use of termination pills or not:

You are pregnant

Without confirming anything does not jump into conclusion. There are those women who have missed periods and she thought that she is pregnant. Yes, this is the first symptom of pregnancy, but every time this is not the reason which makes you eligible to order Abortion Pills. Never self-medicate yourself and use the termination pills just because you feel that you are pregnant. 

Abortion Pills are the one which is mistaken as birth control pills and thus these results in serious complications. Regular consumption of Abortion Pills can affect future pregnancies. Hence, before you jump in conclusion you must have an ultrasound test to confirm the pregnancy.

The gestation period is not more than 9 weeks

Once the woman is being detected with an unplanned pregnancy woman must make sure about the gestation period. The gestation period is the one which helps to know whether the women can make the use of termination pills or not. In case the gestation period is more than 9 weeks women need to make sure that she undergoes surgical termination.

Age is the factor

Before you buy Mifeprex or Misoprostol pill you must make sure that your age is more than 18 years. Below the 18, girls have a body and mind which are not mature and hence they may not be able to handle pregnancy. Getting pregnant during such time and seeking an abortion can prove to be difficult for women as this can lead to complication. Hence girls below 18 years are asked to restrict the use of Abortion Pills or to indulge in physical activity.

Consent for medical termination

Medical abortion cannot or should not be forced on the women and it should be the complete and alone decision of the women. Understanding all these things helps women to know the possible side effects which can affect women.

Law of your state or country

Every country and every state do have a different law. Hence, before you make the use of Abortion Pills you must confirm that your country’s law or state’s law do permit you to make the use of the termination pills.

Women do not make the use of the other pills

There are certain MEDs which do interact with the Abortion Pills and hence you must make sure that you do avoid the medicines which interact and results in complications. Since you use the medicines for treating the other disorder you need to make sure that you do check with the medicines that you use to get this disorder treated.