Remove the fetus safely in easy steps with MTP kit

Medical termination is been usually practiced during the first trimester of pregnancy and this method of termination helps women to maintain privacy. The first-trimester abortion is said to be safe as this method helps women to terminate and also helps to have fewer complications. Women do buy online Abortion Pill and use these medicines as per instructions so that these pills can help to maintain the privacy of the termination as well can make the termination look like a miscarriage.
MTP kit is one of the prescribed medicines used by women so that it can help women to seek termination and maintain the privacy of termination. There are many countries where abortion is not accessible and the availability of Abortion Pills on the online store has helped women to seek the remedy for home abortion.

Contents of MTP kit

MTP kit comprises of two medicines and both of them are used one after another to have a termination. One of the pills is an anti-progesterone pill i.e. Mifepristone ?which is used first and followed by the first pill you need to administrate secondary pill which is prostaglandin pill i.e. Misoprostol ?.

Use of pills from online kit

Mifepristone is the first pill and this medicine is used so that it can block the pregnancy. When women administrate this Abortion Pill it works by blocking the growth of the pregnancy and due to this, the fetus gets separated. Progesterone hormones are responsible for the growth and survival of the fetus.

Misoprostol is the second pill and this pill is used after 24 hours of using the first pill. This prostaglandin pill works by dilating the cervix and contracting the cervix. When you use this termination pill, it helps you to dispel the fetus in the form of bleeding and clotting.

Importance of ultrasound test:

One of the important factors of termination is an ultrasound test. Women are mostly prescribed to have an ultrasound test after 14-20 days of using the MTP kit to have an ultrasound test. This ultrasound test helps you to conclude the termination results and also helps you to know whether you have retained parts lefts in your body or not. Also, before women prefer to get the Abortion Pills for termination, she is prescribed to have an ultrasound test so that she can conclude the length of the pregnancy.


Once you order online MTP kit there is necessary that you must follow all the instructions which help you recover soon. This Abortion Pill interacts with some of the medicines and hence there is necessary that you do not use any of the medicines which interact and results in side effects. MTP kit interacts with the grapefruit juice, magnesium, alcohol, and smoke and there is necessary that you must stay away from the use of this stuff while you are terminating the pregnancy. After using Misoprostol from MTP kit you can experience bleeding and adding pressure on your lower abdomen can result in heavy bleeding due to which you are suggesting that you do avoid indulging in sexual activity and physical labor.