Terminate your pregnancy peacefully at home with Cytotec

There are certain cases wherein women have to terminate the pregnancy. There are thousands of reasons women give behind the termination, but though it is unplanned pregnancy no women would wish to terminate the pregnancy. Also, there are those women who get pregnant at an early age and they prefer to keep their pregnancy termination process private and hence to maintain the secrecy of the termination women are suggested to order Abortion Pills online. These pills help women to terminate and have a safe termination as well helps the termination look like a miscarriage, which helps them maintain the privacy of the termination.

Details of Cytotec:

This is an Abortion Pill which contains Misoprostol as an active ingredient and this is a prostaglandin pill which helps in termination of pregnancy. This pill is not only used as a remedy to terminate the pregnancy, but also is used as a treatment for stomach ulcers and starting labor.

How does this pill work to terminate the unplanned pregnancy?

When you use this prostaglandin pill, it boosts the uterine contraction and then the cervix begins to ripen. When the cervical mucus begins to ripen it helps the entire pregnancy parts to get diluted and the pregnancy parts are being dispelled away in the form of bleeding and clots. The entire uterus lining starts to shed unless the pregnancy parts are being expelled completely.

What is the dosage structure of consuming Cytotec pill?

You need to online buy Cytotec 200mcg 12 pills so that it can help you terminate the pregnancy. If you are terminating your pregnancy with the help of Cytotec Abortion Pills then you need to make sure that your gestation period is not more than 8 weeks. These pills are to be administrated under your tongue and then allow them to dissolve in your mouth with the help of saliva. You need to place 4 pills at a time and all 12 pills are to be consumed by maintaining the gap of 3 hours.

There are also women who use a combination of pills wherein Cytotec is being used along with Mifepristone. If such is a case, then you need to gulp Mifepristone first and then Cytotec to have a termination. But if you are using Abortion Pills in combination then you need to use only 4 pills of Misoprostol to have an abortion.

Few contraindications of using Abortion Pill:

You need to avoid the intake of magnesium because it may trigger the side effect of diarrhea. There is a restriction on the consumption of the grapefruit juice as it can increase the risk of having heavy vaginal bleeding. Cytotec pill does not interact with ibuprofen, but it interacts with aspirins. Also consuming alcohol or smoking while on the Abortion Pill is to be strictly avoided.

Precautionary steps:

Even after having the intrauterine device in the body there are women, those who get pregnant and they are suggested to remove the device first and then use this Abortion Pills for termination. If you have a tubal or ectopic pregnancy, then this prostaglandin pill does not work and the only option you are left with is surgical termination.