Abortion cases at different ages

There are a number of women of different ages who do have an abortion. Also, abortion does have a different effect on different ages of women. It is necessary to learn the psychology behind the abortion case so that it can help women to deal with the unplanned pregnancy situation and get to know about the preventive methods.

Surgical abortion and medical abortion are the two available options with women. After the approval of the FDA, women must have to safely purchase Abortion Pills online and have a safe abortion with the help of these pills. As time is passing it is been noticed that the number of women using Abortion Pills is also increasing.

This blog will help you to know the reasons behind abortion and different age group women performing an abortion

18 below

This group of women is small as compared to older women's group those who opt to have an abortion. The women belonging to this age group perform unhealthy abortion practices. Also, this occurs as teens fail to express the incidents with their parents. Also, online stores do not sell this group of women with the abortion remedy. During this age, women must be nurtured and must be educated well about safe intercourse with the help of contraceptives.

19-25 age group

The number of abortions amongst this age group keeps on increasing. The women in this group do have unplanned pregnancy due to unprotected sexual activity or failure of contraceptives.

The secondary reasons for abortion can be
  • Career opportunities
  • Unstable relationship
  • Unmarried status
  • Financial issues
  • Incomplete education
  • Unprepared for parenthood

25-35 age group

This age group women does not prefer abortion most, as they consider this is the perfect age to conceive and start the family. Initially, women used to plan the pregnancy during 25-28 but not it has shifted the too early thirties. 

Today, women at the age of 30-35 feel stable and start preparing for pregnancy. During this age if women have an abortion, then it can be due to unmarried status, a broken relationship or due to having a kid prior.

35 and above

There is no such rise in the number of women having an abortion in this age group. These age group women do perform abortions as they feel they are happy with the content they have. Having another child can put them in instability of financial condition. Hence, women during this stage are asked to order online MTP kit only once they consult health care providers. As during this age, there are chances that complications may arise. 

Abortion is never a choice of women, but the circumstances do make women have an abortion. It is necessary that women must be understood about the remedies which can help to avoid pregnancy termination situations. It is necessary that women must practice safe sexual intercourse and use effective birth control pills which helps to stay away from the unplanned pregnancy.
Women need to make sure that they do have a complete idea about the pills and the method before she sticks to making the use of this method of termination.