Gestation period and its connection with medical abortion

Whenever women do have a missed period the thought that comes to her mind is "pregnant?". A missed period is just a sign of pregnancy and whenever women confirm the pregnancy, she cannot assure about the gestation period of the pregnancy. It is very important for the women that she did have an idea of a gestation period which helps her to know which method of abortion to choose. Once women confirm her gestation period she can order Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated.

The gestation period is nothing but the length of the pregnancy and it is necessary that women must have an idea about the gestation period. Women who have a gestation period of more than 9 weeks cannot make the use of these pills to have an abortion. Women who wish to make the use of these pills need to first check the gestation period and then make the use of Abortion Pills.

How to calculate the gestation period of the pregnancy?

Women need to understand the importance of the gestation period as this helps women to decide which method of abortion is to be used. The ideal way which can help women to calculate the gestation period is by counting the days from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. If women are unable to calculate using this method, then she can have an ultrasound test which helps women to know the exact gestation period and the exact condition of the fetus.

How can you abort the pregnancy with the help of Abortion Pills?

Women who have pregnancy can abort the pregnancy with the help of Mifeprex and Misoprostol pills; these Abortion Pills are the best option that helps women to get the pregnancy terminated. Mifeprex is the first pill used which helps women to deal with the unplanned pregnancy. This pill works on the progesterone hormones and blocks the growth of the fetus.

Women can either make the use of only Mifeprex pill or can make the use of Mifepristone along with the Misoprostol pill. Depending upon which pill is being used the number of pills can be increased or decreased.

Followed by the use of the Abortion Pills women can have some of the side effects such as bleeding, nausea, vomiting, clotting, cramping, diarrhea and fatigue. The side effects which can be experienced need medical treatment and hence women are asked to seek help from the health care provider if they get worse.

Where can women get Abortion Pills easily?

Women can either order online Mifeprex pill or can get these remedies from the local stores if they are available. Most of the women do prefer to get these termination pills from an online store so that it can help women to maintain the privacy of the termination as well the discounts and offers can be availed via online stores. Not only it does help to maintain the privacy of the abortion but it also helps to cut down the other cost which makes surgical abortion expensive.