How to discuss pregnancy and abortion with teens?

As per the global research, the group which effects due to pregnancies is teenagers groups. At times unknowingly teens get pregnant and out of no option left they do opt to practice illegal methods that can harm them. An unexpected pregnancy in an adolescent can even bring lots of anxiety in young girls.

Due to a lack of financial and emotional support, the teens are unable to get the required support and tackle the situations. Girls are often unable to find themselves in a dilemma wherein they are unable to choose between the rights and wrong which can affect self-esteem.

Also, if the girl gets pregnant during a young age, then she may even have to deal with medical complications such as death. An adult woman of gets pregnant, then can choose to buy Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated.

Following are a few issues which teen mothers have to face

Lack of economic stability

Adolescent teens often drop out of the schools or colleges because it is very difficult for them to manage the burden of the school and parenting together. Because of this teens are unable to find the job in the future and the worse condition, they become unemployed. Even if they manage to get the job they get low paying jobs.

Social stigma

In some regions, girls being sexually active is considered to be a sin. Due to some of the political and cultural beliefs, it is considered to be discharged as well when such condition arises women have to suffer a lot of criticism.  Such conditions lower down the self-esteem of the girls and make her feel lonely and depressed. When such a scenario occurs women do require emotional support and if they fail to seek emotional support, then women may feel themselves trapped in some situation.

Effect on the babies

Babies if they are born after teen pregnancy, then lots of problems can be faced associated with physical, emotional, behavioral and financial aspects.  At times the baby born is premature and is again associated with several health risks and abnormalities. Due to a lack of financial stability, they often are weak.

Prevention is must

Often parents do feel shy to talk about sexuality and other topics related to pregnancy and abortion. Some parents may even try to avoid such discussions, but the discussions are the ones that are most important. Also, there is always an influence on children due to parents and discussing this topic by a parent can play an important role in women’s life.

Adults also need to educate children about teen pregnancy and sexual intercourse. Teens can end the pregnancy if they land in any such situation by purchasing MTP kit online, but provided their parents are being informed about this.

How can one discuss with a teen about pregnancy and abortion?

While discussing this thing, it is necessary that one must be open and comfortable discussing all these matters. Following are few tips which can help one to discuss with the teens:

  1. Try to explain in a simple and easy manner and avoid complex terms.
  2. Encourage them to talk and do make sure that all the myths are being cleared.
  3. Be supportive and interested in knowing their views about this topic.
  4. Make them understand the risk involved in early or teen pregnancy.