Improve the deficiency of Vitamin C with natural elements

Staying healthy during pregnancy can not only help the baby grow properly but would also benefit the mother. During pregnancy and after one does use online Abortion Pills the body tends to lose Vitamin C. The deficiency if Vitamin C can lead to weight gain and hence women are recommended that they consume the required amount of Vitamin C in the body. There is a certain food that cannot be consumed during gestation, but consuming them in lower quantities may not affect you. Vitamin C in the body is responsible for the growth of some tissues in the body and helps in the healing process. Also, Vitamin C helps the teeth and bones to be strong. 

Below mentioned are some of the fruits that can be consumed to increase the intake of Vitamin C

Oranges and orange juices

Orange or orange juices are enough to complete the required serving of Vitamin C. Orange and orange juices do not only contain Vitamin C but also are rich in potassium, lutein, Vitamin A, fiber, and Folate. Oranges are good sources of fiber but most of the fiber is lost when you drink the juice. 

Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit belongs to the family of Oranges and it is super healthy and also high in Vitamin C. One half of Grapefruit does contain 45mgs of Vitamin C  and also it does have fiber, potassium and Vitamin A and this is the healthier choice that can help you get healthier and also you do not have to worry about the weight. 

Grapefruit is fairly sour, hence adding sugar is recommended.


The bright red and juicy strawberries are the best way that can help to increase Vitamin C. One cup of strawberry slices contains 98mgs or Vitamin C accompanied by fiber and folate and magnesium. 

Adding strawberries to your diet in the form of fruit, adding to salad, yogurt, or breakfast can prove to be beneficial for your health. 


Usually to gain Vitamin C one needs to consume the fruits or veggies in raw form. Cooking the Vitamin c products reduces the intensity of the Vitamin and you are likely to have less consumption. Hence, women are recommended to consume one cup of raw chopped broccoli, and depending upon how much you cook it, the reduction of Vitamin C can be seen.


Kiwi a green luscious fruit is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and one small fruit of kiwi contributes to 60mgs of Vitamin C. Not only Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C it is also rich in potassium and has low fiber. Women can simply consume a fruit salad or just eat kiwi alone to increase the content of Vitamin C in the body. 

Tomato Juice

A raw tomato is not a bad dose of Vitamin C but you are likely to get more amount of Vitamin C when the tomatoes are concentrated. Consuming tomato can help you get 20mgs of Vitamin C wherein tomato juice can help you get 120mgs of Vitamin C. Also, tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A and good for your heart. 

A number of foods and fruits are rich in Vitamin C and can help you get the required amount of it.  Women who even make use of online Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets can increase the intake of Vitamin C as it helps to heal the wounds