DIY remedies to test the pregnancy at home

Becoming a mother is a joyful phase of women’s life. Usually, more people wish to keep the pregnancy private rather than making it public. Several ways can help you test pregnancy. There are home pregnancy tests that can help women to know about pregnancy and work as a pregnancy kit. The home remedies to test pregnancy are not only accurate but safe. Though there are a number of pregnancy test kits available, they are not as promising as they are displayed. One can choose to have an abortion with online Abortion Pills, once they come across the pregnancy status. If you still do not want to rely on the home pregnancy test you can simply undergo an ultrasound test.

Below mentioned are DIY tests that you can perform at home on your own:

Salt pregnancy test

Salt is the household ingredient available always in the kitchen. You do not have to worry about gathering the things as you can simply perform with simple handy ingredients. You just need to gather salt, clean glass to mix the ingredients, and urine collected in the morning.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get the salt pregnancy test done:


Take a urine sample in a glass of water. Add two pinches of salt in the urine and wait for three minutes.

Positive test

If you have a pregnancy, you can come across the creamy white clumps formed due to the reaction.

Negative test

If there are no chances found, then it is concluded that you’re not pregnant.

Sugar Pregnancy test

Sugar is always stocked in the house and who knew that it can be used for a pregnancy test? Most of the pregnancy home tests are simple and can be performed simply at home. All you require is urine collected early morning as soon as you wake up, tablespoon sugar, and a bowl.

The below-mentioned step can help you arrive at the conclusion:


Take a bowl and add sugar to it and then simply pour the urine solution over sugar.

Positive results

hCG level doesn’t let the urine dissolve easily, instead, you can come across the lumps of sugar in the urine. If you come across lumps of sugar, then you can consider as positive.

Negative results

Sugar simply does get dissolved in water. Similarly, if it gets dissolved in urine then it is concluded as no pregnancy.

Mustard Powder Pregnancy test

In case you have doubts about pregnancy and want to get assured with it, simply choose the home pregnancy kit. All ingredients that you require to include half too ¾ cup of mustard powder, warm water bathtub to soak in and you are ready to go. The mustard powder can heat your body and you can get rid of the period easily with these remedies.


Add mustard powder to the warm water bathtub and keep yourself soaked in it for 20 minutes. To get the results to waiting for 2-3 days.

Positive results

If you get periods after waiting for 2-3 days, then it is concluded that you were pregnant. This is the best way to get rid of gestation. If you wish to carry the gestation, do not try this method.

Negative sign

However, if women do experience period soon within a day then you were not pregnant.

Wheat and Barley Test

Wheat and Barely still prove to be household items of the kitchen. Who would have even though the use of wheat and barley can help women to know about the pregnancy? You do not have to worry much and can simply use wheat and barley seeds, urine samples, and a clean bowl.


Take a bowl, pour urine sample, and let some seeds of barley and wheat germinate in it.

Positive results

If you come across seeds getting germinating then you can conclude you are pregnant. You need to let this solution set for 2-3 days.

Negative results

In case the barley and wheat do not get sprouted then it indicates that you do not have a pregnancy.

All the above-mentioned tests are tested and tried. You can try more than one test to get the accuracy and if you still do not trust the method seek help from the health care provider.