Why does the number of Abortion Pills change when they are prescribed single?

The health of women and infants is important while a woman gets pregnant. It is necessary that women must take care of their health as well as infants. Hence, whenever women do not find it the right time to carry the infant to the full term, she might opt to have an abortion. Abortion is the only option that can be chosen by women when she has an unplanned pregnancy or she is not ready to carry the pregnancy to full term. Women when are prescribed to order Abortion Pills, they are either asked to use it single or in combination. 

Using Mifepristone and Misoprostol

When women are recommended to have an abortion, using Mifepristone and Misoprostol becomes important if you are about to have a medical abortion. Medical abortion is a complete process that involves the use of the capsules so that it can help to end the gestation. The use of both tablets can help women to put a full stop to unwished gestation.

While women are suggested to use Mifepristone and Misoprostol in combination, 1 pill of Mifeprex and 4 pills of Cytotec are used to cause an abortion. 

The process to use Abortion Pills in combination

While prescribed with both the termination tablet it becomes necessary that women do start the process with Mifeprex tablet. This is also known as anti-progesterone tablets or primary tablets used for the process. This primary pill helps to block the growth of the fetal particles due to which the essentials are not been provided to the embryo. Once the insufficient amount of nutrients are not been provided to the fetal part it gets dispatched from the uterus.  

After the use of Mifepristone, an interval of 24 hours is mandatory and then the use of a secondary tablet is to be made so that it can help to eject the pregnancy particles from the body. The use of Misoprostol tablets is to be done buccally or vaginally and this causes the uterus to contract and flushes the embryo particles from the body. 

Using Mifepristone alone

When women are recommended to use Mifepristone alone the doses do change as well as the gestation period that matters do vary. Women if are asked to purchase Mifepristone online alone, then women need to have a gestation of 7 weeks and also 3 tablets are to be used to cause successful termination. 

Women are recommended to swallow anti-progesterone tablets with a glass of water and then wait for 3 hours. Once the one Abortion Pill is swallowed and 3 hours interval is been maintained repeat it two more times so that it can help you end the pregnancy. 

Incomplete abortion

There are chances that you may have an incomplete abortion even after using the Mifepristone tablet to end the gestation. The incomplete abortion can occur in a few cases and one of the reasons is the gestation is more than 7 weeks. 

At times, women are recommended to use Misoprostol to get rid of the pregnancy or may have to undergo a surgical abortion.

Changes that can be experienced after using Abortion Pills

Women are recommended to use the Abortion Pill need to know that it results in clotting, cramping, and bleeding. The bleeding and cramping are the primary indications that indicate about the working of the pill. Other than these indications, women are likely to have some other after-effects such as nausea, fever, chills, fatigue, and vomiting. The side effects sometimes get severe and this is the time when one needs to seek medical assistance to get them treated.