How to deal with an unrequired fetus with MTP kit?

Unrequited gestation or unwished pregnancy happens when the contraceptive fails. The reason behind contraceptive failure can be anything but it is necessary that one must do know the use of contraceptive. The contraceptives do fail to work due to improper use or due to some damage caused to it. When such incidents happen most of us fail to notice it. When one does fail to notice such incidents, having gestation is common and there is nothing to worry about. Women with such type of pregnancy can simply order online Abortion Pills and get rid of the gestation during the initial weeks.

Abortion is a simple process wherein the expelling of the fetal particles takes place. Women who do not wish to continue can simply opt for this method and get rid of the gestation during the first trimester.


  • When you are prescribed to use the MTP kit get assured that you do check the medical history with your health consultant.
  • Check whether you are allergic to the elements of the Mifepristone and Misoprostol.
  • Also, do get an ultrasound test done so that you can know the type of pregnancy you have. Women with ectopic pregnancy cannot get the pregnancy terminated with MTP kit tablets.
  • Check for the age. If you are more than 35 years or less than 18 then avoid using the medicaments for the treatment.

The process to use tablets

Women guided to use the MTP kit need to start with Mifepristone 200mg. The use of the primary tablet makes it easy to block the growth of the pregnancy parts. Once you swallow the primary tablet, ensure that you do wait for 24 hours. After the wait of 24 hours, use the secondary tablet, Misoprostol 200mcg so that you can simply get rid of the gestation.

Using both the tablets helps to expel the pregnancy parts from the body in an easy manner.

The function of the tablets

Women guided to make use of the MTP kit need to know that the Mifepristone tablet helps to break the lining of the uterus. The use of an anti-progesterone tablet causes the fetal parts to get separated from the uterus so that the flushing of the pregnancy parts becomes easy. After making use of the primary tablet, the administration of the second tablet is done so that it can cause contraction of the uterus and this helps to eject the pregnancy parts from the body.

Withdrawal symptoms

Using the MTP kit causes some of the withdrawal effects such as bleeding and cramping. Bleeding and cramping are the primary indications of having an abortion. The rest other side effects that can be experienced include nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, chills, and fever. The side effects that occur usually do get worse, depending upon the body type and gestation.

If you come across the side effects getting worse do seek medical help to get them treated.

Concluding the gestation

Women recommended to order online MTP kit need to know that concluding gestation becomes an important part. Women need to make an appointment with the health care provider to conclude the results of abortion. After 14-20 days of having an abortion seek an appointment to conclude the results of abortion. In case of incomplete abortion diagnosed one can simply undergo a surgical abortion or repeat the process as per the guidance of the health care provider.


  • Women asked to make use of the MTP kit need to avoid using the meds that may interact and result in side effects.
  • One must restrict the use of tampons and start using sanitary pads.
  • The use of magnesium, grapefruit juice, tobacco, and alcohol should be avoided while on MTP kit.