What factors do make it difficult for women to conceive?

While some find unwished gestation trouble, some do find it very difficult to continue with the gestation. There are a number of women who land in a problem such as unwanted gestation. Several women who have unplanned or unwished gestation do stick to using online Abortion Pills, while some do continue. While women are busy continuing and discounting, some become unable to conceive the pregnancy. 

When it comes to conceiving the pregnancy, women need to take certain measures and care so that it becomes easy for them to conceive. But, there are some factors that do not let women continue the pregnancy. Below are some of the reasons that don’t let women conceive or are the mild reasons behind having infertility.


Carrying some extra pounds can make it difficult for women to conceive. Though obesity is not a direct reason behind having infertility, the hormonal changes that occur due to obesity are the reason that makes it difficult for women to conceive. There is a certain limit of weight that women must have, if the weight goes beyond that line, the ovarian functions do get affected and women find it difficult to conceive.


While being overweight or obese is an issue, even being underweight is also an issue. Having an excess of fat makes it difficult to conceive, not having enough fat to make it big trouble while you conceive. Maintaining a healthy weight is necessary. Do learn about BMI and alter your diet so that it can help you stay healthy and know what other than weight affects the conceiving.

Extreme exercise

You must have heard that exercising too much can delay your periods. Similar way, it does have an effect on your fertility. While you work out or do exercise, there are chances that your fertility might decrease. Exercise or workout does make you strong and boost energy, but strenuous exercise can affect the chances of getting pregnant. Even during the menstrual period, the cycle does get changed if you indulge in strenuous exercise.

Family history

Sometimes the problems such as skincare issues, fertility issues, and other problems are genetic. Hence, ask your mom about her history. Ask her when she started her menopause and you too are probably going to experience it at the same time. Yes, you might have the same problems that your mom had but whatever problem she had has to do something with your health too.

Getting older

Some people always keep saying the biological clock is ticking and it’s the right time to have kids. It is necessary that women must get pregnant during an ideal age. The right age to conceive is 25-30, some women do face issues, even while they try to conceive during the late twenties. As women get older, the release of eggs from the ovaries begins to decline, and often conceiving becomes another task for women.

Women who plan to conceive need to first seek the right consultation from a health care provider and then follow the instructions that can help them conceive. A lot of times there are minor issues and it can be altered by doing some slight changes.