A brief guide to use Mifepristone to cancel the gestation

Pregnancy is a stage wherein women do feel completed, but there are cases wherein women do feel stressed only because of the unwished gestation. Women with unwished gestation always need something that can work in their favour and help to get the pregnancy terminated. Women with unplanned pregnancy need to know that there are certain guides and measures that are to be followed.

Guide to use only Mifepristone

Undesired gestation with the age of 9 weeks can help women to cancel the pregnancy. Women simply need to know the gestation period first and then choose the right remedy to get rid of the gestation. Women are sometimes guided to use only Mifepristone and this is only recommended if your gestation is within 7 weeks.


While the age of the pregnancy is within 7 weeks, you’re recommended to use 3 tablets.

  • Start with 1 tablet of 200mg Mifepristone with a glass of water. Once the first administration is done, wait for 3 hours and repeat the process 2 more times.

Women are likely to experience bleeding and clotting that can help you know the Abortion Pills have worked effectively.

Guide to use Mifepristone along with Misoprostol

Usually, women are recommended to order Abortion Pills in combination and this is an effective way to terminate 9 weeks of gestation. Women need to follow the below-mentioned instructions to get rid of gestation.

  • Start with Mifepristone 200mg and this termination tablet is to be swallowed with a glass of water.
  • After the use of this primary tablet, wait for 24 hours, and then proceed towards the next step.
  • You need to use 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg each and this can help to get the pregnancy terminated effectively. You can use this termination tablet buccally or vaginally to cancel the pregnancy.


Women recommended to use online Mifepristone and Misoprostol need to know the below-mentioned conditions:
  1. Avoid the use of Abortion Pills if you’ve medical issues related to diabetes, uterine rupture, intestinal infection, and blood pressure.
  2. Also, if a woman does have an allergy to the elements of Mifepristone and Misoprostol then you need to restrict the use of this termination tablet.
  3. Ensure that your age doesn’t make it difficult for you to use these tablets. The age of women should not be below 18 years.
  4. Check the type of pregnancy that you’ve, women with ectopic pregnancy cannot use the Abortion Pills for termination.

Side effects

After you make use of this termination tablets it becomes necessary that you’re aware of the withdrawal effects that might hit you. The symptoms of abortion that occur include cramping, clotting, and bleeding. The other withdrawal effects that might differ from one woman to another include nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, fever, and vomiting. The side effects that get severe, require medical help to get them treated.


One of the important thing that is never to be neglected during an abortion is the precautions to be taken:

  1. Ensure that the use of tampons is avoided as this can lead to an infection. Instead, use maxi pads or sanitary pads to avoid an infection.
  2. Look into that you do avoid lifting any object or getting into sexual intimacy so that the bleeding doesn’t increase.
  3. You must restrict the consumption of liquor or tobacco as this can interact with tablets and doesn’t let the Abortion Pills work effectively.