Know the unheard facts about abortion

Abortion is a medical process that helps to terminate the pregnancy. It is a basic medical health care facility that is provided to the women, girl, or teen. Even after being such a basic health care facility, debated around the globe, there are misconceptions and many other things that one needs to know.

Below mentioned are some of the key facts that one can come across. 

Regardless of what the government has to say, people have an abortion

Discontinuing your pregnancy is the sole decision of you, and it can be practiced and is practiced by every quarter population of women in a country. Regardless of, abortion is legal or illegal, people tend to have access to online Abortion pills or clinics that can help to abort the pregnancy. Some fly to different regions and get the pregnancy terminated, while some, do land in problematic situations and get the pregnancy terminated with unfair and unsafe methods.

Making abortion illegal is making abortion unsafe

Abortion practices are unsafe because abortion cannot be accessed by women. The government restricts abortion practices and women do choose unsafe methods that can affect their lives. As soon as abortion is banned, women do find out some or other methods that can help them get rid of the gestation. As per the statistic, at least 25 million women do practice unsafe methods to get rid of gestation in a single year around the globe.

In some cases, the legalization still can lead to unsafe practices if an expert is not well trained or do not have any medical guidance, they do end up messing all the things and put the lives of women in danger.

Many countries are changing their mind regarding an abortion

As there is development, a lot of people have changed their minds regarding abortion. Also, more than 50 countries have changed the law for the betterment of women and have legalized abortion. Today, there are only a few countries that do not allow abortion and this puts the lives of women in danger.

Access to safe abortion is right to human right

Access to safe abortion is a straight right to humans. Under international human rights law, every person has the right to life, health, and the right to be free from violence. Forcing women to carry the pregnancy or violating human rights such as not allowing access to human rights and forcing to follow unsafe practices is against the human right. Hence, human rights and safe abortion are linked fundamentally to help women, girls, or teens.

Doesn’t let the doctor provide basic health care

Criminalization and restrictive laws don’t let women access abortion as well as restrict the health care providers from providing the basic health care facility. Sometimes, the cases go out of hand and even after going through unsafe abortion practices, women do fail to have access to post-care.

Every death and injury from unsafe abortion can be prevented

Preventing a person from death or injury is possible if you provide the right treatment at the right time. Removing the restricting on abortion can help you avoid it completely. If you undergo such unsafe practices, then it is necessary that you must be allowed to access some preventive care from legalized practitioners.

Above mentioned are some of the key points that can help you know how does legalization or illegalization has an effect on the health of women.