Can women use Cytotec while she has a pregnancy for ulcer treatment?

There are a number of women who do have stomach ulcers. The ulcer is a sore that develops in the lining of the small intestine, esophagus, or stomach. Usually, this can occur due to the bacteria and one of the common symptoms is upper abdominal pain and sometimes women do land in a problem wherein it requires treatment. When women do have such issues and they’re prescribed to order Cytotec tablets and gets the stomach ulcer treated.

While most of the women are recommended to purchase Cytotec for abortion, it is also used for treating stomach ulcers and starting labor. Women need to know when can they use this remedy and how does it work for them.


Women guided to use Cytotec for abortion need to use Mifepristone with it. The process to have an abortion begins as mentioned below:

1 tablet of Mifepristone 200mg with a glass of water, followed by a wait for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, administrate 4 tablets at a time and use them either vaginally or buccally to get rid of the gestation. 

Sometimes, women with the gestation of up to 9 weeks are also recommended to use Cytotec alone. While you’re guided to use this Abortion Pill alone, you need to ensure that you do use 12 tablets. You need to use 12 tablets, 4 at a time in 3 batches. This Abortion Pill helps you flush the pregnancy parts by contracting the uterus and flushing the pregnancy parts from the body.

Stomach ulcer treatment

Women are recommended to buy online Cytotec Abortion Pill sometimes to treat stomach ulcers. Women are recommended to use a 200mcg tablet 4 times a day so that this ulcer can get treated. The patient who cannot tolerate a 200mcg dose is guided to use a 100mcg dose for treatment.

Starting labor

Women in labor are also sometimes given this prostaglandin tablet. For the cervical ripening, this tablet is used either orally, sublingually, or vaginally. Usually, it is used vaginally to get the disorder treated more effectively. Initially, 25mcg is given and the dose is given every 4 hours if required. A maximum dose of 150mcg dose is prescribed for starting the labor.

Can women use Cytotec tablets for treating stomach ulcers while having pregnancy?

Women having pregnancy need to ensure that they do check and then use Cytotec for the treatment. The use of this Abortion Pill helps to treat stomach ulcers, but while you’re pregnant ensure that you do avoid using these tablets. While you’re pregnant and wish to continue the gestation, the use of a prostaglandin Abortion Pill can cause miscarriage along with treating the ulcer. Hence, while you’re pregnant ensure that you do not use this prostaglandin tablet for treating stomach ulcers.


  • Women recommended using Abortion Pills need to know that the use of these remedies should be avoided with other remedies as this can result in side effects.
  • Avoid the use of tampons as it is likely to cause an infection. Instead, stick to using sanitary pads. 
  • Avoid the consumption of stuff such as alcohol, grapefruit juice, and magnesium in order to avoid interaction and side effects.