Things women need to know about getting pregnant after the age of 35

Women when does get pregnant during the early stage they do prefer to order Misoprostol along with Mifepristone and start their life again. While some are busy terminating the pregnancy, some do struggle to conceive. Conceiving is not easy if you do not fit in the age criteria. It is always said age is just a number, but when it comes to pregnancy, you need to take it more seriously and plan your pregnancy before you cross a specific age.


Women’s fertility does decline as she begins to grow older and one must conceive or plan pregnancy as per the age. You’re at the peak of fertility when you’re in your 20’s. Healthy women can easily conceive within 4 chances by keeping a track of the menstrual cycle. In simple words, out of every 100 women, at least 25 successfully conceive per month. 

By the age of 30 women begin to release fewer eggs and this does affect fertility in women. Also after the age of 30 women are likely to go towards the menopause period. After the age of 40, women do only have a 5% chance of getting pregnant. 

Hence, women are recommended that they have properly planned pregnancy and conceive within time to avoid complications by opting for late pregnancy.

The reason behind the fertility drop

A woman needs to know that she is born with a specific number of eggs. A woman is likely to have 1 million eggs and by the time you hit puberty, the number of eggs left remains 3,00,000. As your age increases, and you reach 35 or 40, you’re just down with 2.5% of the starting count. This matters the most because, the fewer the eggs in your body, the lower the chances of a woman getting pregnant. 

Even after all the tips and tricks, you get pregnant in a natural manner, you’re likely to have some problems. The older eggs do have abnormal chromosomes and this increases the chances of miscarriage. After the age of 35 women are likely to have problems such as uterine fibroids and endometriosis and all this situation makes it really difficult for women to have a pregnancy.


Even after getting older, women still try to conceive and then need some other help too. There are possibilities that you can get pregnant by using some of the medicaments. 

Women below the age of 35 years are recommended with the fertility treatment if the pregnancy doesn’t occur after trying for a straight 1 year. The window of a 1 year reduces to 6 months if your age is 35 or more. Women receiving fertility treatment are recommended with the following treatments:

  1. IVF (in vitro fertilization)
  2. Drugs that help to produce eggs

There are women who land in pregnancy, but do end up the gestation by using online Abortion Pills. Sometimes the conditions are not favorable and women do delay the pregnancy and when such is a case, you can freeze your eggs for IVF in the future. Doing it during your initial days can help you get rich eggs and produce a healthy baby.

Another option that you’re provided with is an egg or embryo donor. A clinic provides you a healthy egg from the young woman and fertilizes the same egg with your partner’s sperm and is implanted in your uterus and pregnancy can be carried to the full term and deliver a healthy baby.