Is there really a need to use 2 MTP kit?

There is an end number of reasons that can help women decide whether to continue or discontinue the pregnancy. The gestation period helps women to know whether to choose medical abortion or surgical abortion. Though the whole process of medical abortion is safe and can be carried out easily, one needs to keep close eyes on the symptoms and side effects.

How to Use the MTP kit for abortion?

The kit contains two tablets- Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which can be used to get rid of gestation during the initial week. 

  • Swallow a tablet of Mifepristone 200mg from the MTP kit 
  • Wait for 24-48 hours and it is mandatory to wait
  • Use 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg tablet from the MTP kit. You can either administrate the tablets buccally or vaginally. 

Outcomes of using Abortion Pills


Initially, when you use Mifepristone from the MTP kit, you might not experience any visible bleeding or changes. After you administrate the secondary tablet, you’re likely to experience bleeding. Bleeding is to be monitored closely. Any severity or complication can be experienced by closely observing the bleeding. The absence of bleeding or heavy bleeding is the two things that one needs to know. 

In case of absence of bleeding, women need to use another MTP kit whereas if the bleeding gets too heavy, rush to the medical emergency room. 


The use of MTP kit tablets results in nausea and sometimes even diarrhea can be experienced by women. To avoid such things ensure that you do avoid consuming anything that is very difficult to digest. 


Cramps are the first symptom that can be experienced by women due to the use of Abortion Pills. The cramps are the primary one can be experienced after the administration of the first tablet. Followed by cramps; bleeding and clots can be experienced by women. 

The need to use the second MTP kit

Women with the gestation of up to 9 weeks are guided to use MTP kit tablets. These tablets are effective and help women to get rid of it completely. Sometimes, there are situations wherein the tablets do fail to work properly and women do end up having an incomplete abortion. If the bleeding doesn’t occur or if the abortion stands to be incomplete, women are recommended to buy MTP kit again. 

There are only rare cases wherein the requirement of the second kit is required and it should only be done under the supervision of health care providers. 


  1. Women prescribed with the use of online Abortion Pills need to avoid the use of the meds that might interact and result in side effects. 
  2. The use of sanitary pads is prescribed and the use of tampons is to be avoided.
  3. The consumption of light food must be included as a part of the diet.
  4. Avoid indulging in any sort of physical activities as this can lead to withdrawal effects. 
  5. Also, sexual intimacy is to be avoided. This can help you avoid the risk of infection as well as the chances of getting pregnant again during abortion reduces.