Does the age of women have any effect on an infant?

Having a smooth pregnancy is a dream of women. There are various complications that might occur during pregnancy and taking care during the period alone is not possible. Well, there are several women who conceive later and end up having a smooth pregnancy. Women having unwished pregnancies too do use online MTP kit pills to end the gestation. This is something that shouldn’t be overlooked as the reproductive parts of women do work and it is the best thing that women are aware of. 

A lot of time women do end the pregnancy during the initial stage, but at the later stage, conceiving becomes a bit difficult. Most women also do conceive early thinking that it might have an effect on the health of the baby and this is a fact to a point. Some studies have shown, the effect on the health of the infant is right. 

There are certain issues that might occur and hit women as well as infant. 


This is a disorder wherein the impairment between communicating and interacting occurs and this makes it difficult for the child to communicate further.

Researchers have mentioned in some of the studies wherein the older paternal age is linked with increased frequency of autism spectrum disorder. Hence, women need to be careful when they conceive.

Pregnancy loss

Advanced paternal age is likely to cause a higher risk of pregnancy loss. Well, this is likely to occur even during the initial stage, but there are more chances that women might end up having a miscarriage as compared to one who conceives during the early trimester. Women who conceive during the later stage are likely to have either miscarriage or stillbirth.


There is a various complication that might occur during later pregnancy and one of them is schizophrenia and which is a type of mental disorder that might affect the health of an infant. Due to older paternal age, the risk of mental disorders occurs and this is usually associated with the onset of schizophrenia symptoms.

Rare birth defects

Be it early or later, the infant is likely to develop birth defects if care during the pregnancy is not taken. Birth defects cannot be known easily unless, the infant is not born, and hence, women do worry much. The rare defects that might occur include defects in the development of limbs, hearts, and skulls.

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia

The older paternal age is likely to cause an increased risk of childhood lymphoblastic leukemia and this is a type of cancer that increases white blood cell production in the body. Hence the patient who prefers conceiving later needs to be careful with all the instructions. 

Sometimes, women are also guided that this occurs due to the random genetic mutations in sperm and this can occur if the couple is older.

However, if the maternal age if over 40, having complications is likely to occur and hence, women need to seek constant help from the health care provider.